Joe Horgan, NFL, Ray Lewis discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


Fame clan here's your hall of fame class who is your comes ray lewis and that guy hall of fame executive director joe horgan said yesterday the focus is on the guys who are here there's no reason to bring him up as an individual he is not here teo who of course a couple of weeks ago said he's not going to attend the ceremonies instead it's going to give a speech at his alma mater university of tennessee chattanooga gonna actually happen in the middle of the acceptance speeches on august fourth so this is pettiness and then pettiness rate since the world series of poker is going on it's like i see your petting and i raise you even more pettiness te'o is being petty for not going to the hall of fame weekend because he is still upset over the nfl not allowing him to plainly look and i've done shows with with terrel owens over the course of the last interview interview and he still upset that the nfl as he says is keeping you know not happy that he had to wait to get into the hall of fame and so he's decided now screw you i'm not going and in this war of pettiness the nf the pro football hall of fame decided hey you know what we can do it just as well as you can so now they're not going to mention him they're gonna mail him his gold jacket but they're not gonna mail until the day of the enshrinement ceremonies say we're gonna put this we're gonna put it in the mail do i wanna do let's see i wanna do overnight no regular snail yes six to eight days delivery yes do.

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