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Here's the season ending injury. Didn't he did he rip ACL or something? Let me look. Yes. Surgery to pair torn meniscus in right knee. So that's not ACL. But that's a severe injury that. That's basically a lost season for Jason Castro last year. But they're bringing him back. He will be the starter. That one should probably be a little bit of a fifty five forty five though as well. Right. Because of what Garver was able to do I don't know Garvers profile behind the dish. If anyone knows that off hand, and they could tweet me at spore to let me know if he's somebody's the bat. I guy can he handle his own back there because I know Castro has a good reputation behind the dish is so then I'll keep him into into some playing time. Garver could also snake some time at first base though and sap some of CJ Krones playing time although cronies coming off a great season. So unless he flops. It won't be too much. But anyway. I think Castro. Super deeply, right? All these guys. I don't think I need the caveat that we're talking deep league here except for maybe one of the remaining guys a little bit of a shallow or league consideration. But they're all deeply, okay, but Castro, you know, he's been a solid like ninety ninety three WRC plus the last two seasons that he played. He was dreadful last year in his small sample before the injury. Double digit Homer guy. Eighteen fourteen eleven eleven ten the batting. Average can be pretty brutal though, it's been in those in those double digit homers seasons. It was two seventy six that was the all-star season with the Astros. But then to twenty two to eleven to ten and then pop back up to two forty two in two thousand seventeen. So yeah, I I would prefer Garver as well. Even as a backup. I prefer him to Castro. Okay. The next duo here. You know, I was ready. I was ready to dive back in on one of my favorite picks from last year, Austin, barns. But the trade of of Russell Martin curbs that so Martin is going for eighty three Barnes is going way ahead at three fifty five. Neither is particularly appealing to the fantasy community right now. Barnes flopped, though.

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