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So the match. That bucci was walking Walking towards is the the yearly anniversary show of new japan pro wrestling which i believe. Run your forty. Two forty nine is a forty nine. No now 'cause new japan has been around since seventy one. I'll look it up while utah. Okay cool navy histories of. I had a drink. It was a every year barring a few exceptions for several years. It wasn't but recently they brought back that the match for the anniversary. Show is the i w gp heavyweight champion vs the i w gp junior heavyweight champion Which a couple of times. It's been really great a few times. It was Will osprey put on good matches. Everybody was really excited. Because hurrell mu takahashi held junior belt and everybody wanted to see him against bucci however separate his torah muscle. I believe or get left left pal. So that was forty ninth by the way okay. Good job. I look forward to the fifty next year when covetous hopefully far memory but everybody was really bummed however they held a triple threat match to establish the new champion between koroma's tag team partner. Bucci the guy Who had intimate tag match el fantasma. Oh and the man who he faced at the end of the best of the super juniors eldest version The irony of that match being that match was between two heels a twitter two of which have the name l. the beginning but the match was won by people by a man who originally wasn't supposed to be on this next tour like he wasn't going to be on the new japan cup tour he had barely been on that last tour el desperado and the storyline being that he had been in the company for seven years and had to that point not even really had a junior heavyweight title shot. A now had the chance to like a with it and he did and i was really happy because he was a double champion. Double junior champion. Look sick then. He goes and he fights koto bucci This morning our time and puts on a fucking banger. The last three minutes in that match alone or fucking amazing as he gives coda bucci all he can handle at one point like you know he's not gonna win. This was for the championships. And i was like if they give if they give el desperado for belts. I'll fucking lose my goddamn union. Sabe gonna win. 'cause the junior never wins that match but like at one point..

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