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This is going to be the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans live quite frankly this is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment R. nine eleven moment only is not going to be localized it's going to be happening all over the country and I want America to understand that but I also want them to understand the public along with the state and federal government have the power to change the trajectory of this epidemic Surgeon General Jerome Adams on fox news Sunday his great projection was echoed by Dr Anthony Fauci the government's top infectious disease expert so what does that mean for California and for LA county it's still unclear how many people in California have been infected mainly because testing is so poor governor Gavin Newsom said as much this weekend let me just acknowledge on the outset that the testing space has been a challenging one for us and I own that and I have a responsibility as your governor to do better and to do more testing in the state of California well aside from testing how well prepared are we for the expected onslaught joining us to talk about this is the only times health reporter Samir Carla manga welcome to the program thanks for having me well it's great to have you all right so in LA county there were more deaths over the weekend how many and what is the trajectory looking like now yes Saturday was an unusually high number of deaths we've seen around ten everyday for the past week or so and on Saturday they were twenty eight reported in a single day so within about fifteen on Sundays so that brought the total and LA county to a hundred and thirty eight it's hard to tell I mean the trajectory of this disease is really long and so with the ducks we often thing people who got infected before the social distancing measures and I think that we expected the the death numbers continue to climb but are hopeful that at some point will be the case number start to level off because the social distancing should eventually mean that fewer people are getting infected so let's talk about the testing because as we just heard very few people have been tested in California Newsome is promising a big ramp up of testing when we expect that to happen I mean he says that it's happening I think it imminently but the testing has been really bad I mean the testing has been a nationwide problem but in California it's been particularly bad the guy was just reviewing the numbers and the new York they've tested S. three hundred and two thousand people in California we tested a hundred and thirty and California twice the size of New York so like every time they make one of these promises we look at them kind of skeptically because the numbers in California have just never caught up to what they have promised and what other states have managed to pull out why has California phone behind so far behind in testing it's a little baffling even to me it seems like it's they've they've listed every problem in the back like they didn't have enough of the re agent to run the test and I'm not flat they did not have one in the best way to put it is that it's just become a very disorganized process and I hope that you know Newsome can take charge and and increase the testing numbers because we really need that well meanwhile he's touting the Stanford test that could test for antibodies so for people who are supposedly immune to cope with nineteen what's the story with that I actually don't know that much about the Stanford test but there are a lot of different efforts to try to test for antibodies and that it's really important that we eventually get that because at some point we will want to go back to our normal lives and we'll still be waiting for a vaccine or treatment about what people need to go back to work and it'll be really useful to know who is the man to the disease because those people can kind of get to work restarting the economy are for healthcare workers like which one can actually keep working on the code that award so the embodied health will be crucial to the kind of long term response to this outbreak right well in the meantime what about being able to combat this outbreak as it happens what do we have enough ventilators we have enough beds do we have enough PP right now yeah in California and it's just hard to say because we don't know how big the search is going to be I mean we're definitely nowhere near what they're seeing in New York and I think everyone's fingers are crossed that we're not going to get there but you know over the weekend without a big increase in deaths we're seeing big increases the hospitalization and then again those death just because of how long it takes for people to go from the point they are are infected to the point they end up in the hospital can be multiple weeks and so we might still be seeing the effects of people who got sick before the social distancing so it's really hard to know I mean we really stocked up on ventilators they cleared out a ton of hospital bed like in LA county on Friday they said that they had sixteen hundred empty hospital beds because they had cleared out so many pick you know active surgeries and the covert search just hadn't hit in the huge way yet and again we don't really know exactly when that search is going ahead no it because it depends on so many different factors right and largely on the social distancing and when we'll see the effects of that and I think a lot of production have put it sometime in late April mid April but we just really don't know like if the socialism or listed tomorrow the third could hit you know in three days which marquee because our product is pretty adamant about keeping that in place what about neighboring counties like orange and riverside how are they doing so riverside seems to be a little strapped for space I think they have your hospitals and they were kind of sounding the alarm earlier this week things have gotten bad there they also instated of fate like a but requirement everyone our math just like LA did but there's there's a much more I think it's like was approved so that it's actually like a law it's not just a recommendation so they seem to be a really worried about what's going to happen I mean or seems Orange County their case numbers are climbing but nothing is no one compares to L. A. L. A. because you know I think the second highest county in California has a thousand something cases than we have LA county has five thousand and and certainly county really is emerging as the hot spot with the highest concentration of cases some intake.

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