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And then I just add my own dressing with a little bit of sea salt. Because dressing usually in America terms is the very definition of how you make a salad bad. Well, I'll tell you make a salad tasty comma unhealthy. I have a similar regimen. I travel with a ziploc bag full of a really good salt in my fanny pack, but because I don't travel. I don't travel with a lot of liquids, but usually whenever I get to where I'm going, I'll drop in local whole foods or even just the average grocery store will have like a really good extra virgin olive oil. I'll pick that up and during my travels during my trip. I used to do that exact same thing, except now it's pumpkin, it's steering and pumpkin seed oil. Yeah, so you got to check it out. And it taste wise and health wise. It's extraordinary. It might not be able to find out the 7 11, but okay, so a couple other questions here. And then I actually do want to talk about NFTs a little bit because I'm super curious about this and the fact that you guys own and run the URL NFT dot com. I think is very interesting. I'd love to hear what you're doing with that. But besides the styrian pumpkin seed oil, do you guys have any other? And I know both of you are somewhat familiar with my podcast. So maybe you could throw in a few things that you think would be kind of unique for my audience because otherwise you'll be the billionth person who says something like, oh, I have a compressed feeding window. But are there any other kind of real cool things that you guys have set up in your daily routine as pretty prolific biohackers, guys who are pretty tuned into this personal optimization space that are non negotiables for you. So maybe I'll start on that join. So yes, compressed compressed engine. Yes, raw. Yes, little made. Usually fish, smaller fish, so we don't get these are all things that you know. I'll give you some of the things that I do, which are interesting that I so firstly, I have a problem with waking up and having an overactive brain. So I'll sleep for like 6 hours. I'll wake up and now I can go back to sleep. I could work, but I just don't feel great. So a couple of things that I do. I have different sleep stacks. So there are different products. So different CBD products and or what do you call it magnesium products, et cetera, and I can give you so I never do the same one every day, one after another because I find my body adapts. So I will rotate them. None of them are pharmaceuticals. They're all healthy. Awaken the alchemy, that sort of product range so I will make sure that I actively spend 8 to 9 hours, even if I can't sleep, I'll force myself to be in a relaxed state, you know? So I don't, as busy as I am, I don't compromise on that, because I find sleep to be infinitely important. The second thing which maybe your audience may not have heard before is totally minimize downtime. What I mean by that is if I'm walking to if I'm at the gym or I'm walking here to I don't go to whole foods anymore, my PA does, but if I'm walking I'm walking anywhere going anywhere, then I'll usually have headphones in and there's this hack with audible, which allows you to share the same audible across infinite and infinite number of devices. That is not a well-known fact now. It might be because it's going to be on your podcast. Okay, wait. Say that one more time, just to understand. So basically, I know people like you, Ben, who are self optimized people and who are interested in similar things. And what I do with those. People, I invite them in, I haven't invited you, but you're more than welcome into an audible group, and we just buy the books we want, and that audible group gets huge. So the library of books I have to read is literally not just massive, but it's very well curated because it's people like you and or its people like Jordan and other entrepreneurs. So it's different than like a lending library. You're actually, you all. We're getting shut down right now because you're talking about it. I think this is the opposite of what audible wants us doing, but it's a great idea. We just sharing books. That's amazing. And that's a built in native function of audible. I think we're all sharing the same username and password, aren't we? That's right. We'll share in the same username and password. I don't know. Okay. All right, now we're done. But isn't the username and password that you'd use to log into audible, the same as you would use to log into Amazon and thus you're sharing your Amazon account information? That's the thing. No. Maybe we have a legacy account. I don't know, but it doesn't have to be no. Ours, ours is a different login. We're not fully, they're not fully integrated after the Amazon acquisition. Yes. Okay. It's still something. But here's the line. But here's the thing, right? Over the course of a year, it made it a little different. The course of two, three years, it's made a lot of difference over the course of like 5 to 7 years, which is how long I've been doing it. I honestly feel like I've lived a different life. There is just so much downtime in life. And people are like, how do you execute on so much? It's just cumulative wisdom that I think I've gained from just optimizing that downtime, you know? It's really nothing like waiting together for plane and I'll just put it on and it's super interesting now. People get really stressed out about not being able to listen to everything because you're distracted sometimes. But there's just way too much information in the world to consume anyway. So even if I were to put those headphones in and consume 20% of what I gather in that time, that's 20% when compounded over time is going to make an absolute world of difference. So I'm not so focused on listening to everything that or absorbing everything. I'm more focused on having the aha moments and also letting my subconscious draw in these ounces of wisdom that I get from your listeners. I love that. And I'm the same. I will whip out my laptop when I've got 5 minutes before I got to be boarding the flight and write a 150 words. I will listen to two minutes of an audiobook when I'm walking up the ramp out of an airplane. I will literally as I'm making my smoothie like hammer out a quarter of a podcast at four X speed. So I'm kind of the same way not in a stressed out fomo. Oh, I got to absorb all the information the world has to offer sort of way. But rather in the sort of way that dictates that though I do want to be present in the mindful, I am constantly analyzing my day to identify spots where I can absorb information that allows me to be more intelligent in a way that I can then turn around and present that information to my audience or to people I know in a helpful manner and really by the end.

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