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And like I said Justice League dark apocalypse war for online line services net flicks has season one of steel magnolias. Patent Auld Wall. I love everything season. One Ben Platt live from Radio City Music Hall of course record previously season. One of Control Zime and the lovebirds for video games. You have the wonderful one. Oh One remastered for the. Ps four the switch the PC you've got man-eater for the PS four xbox once which impe and then you also have saints row the third remastered for ps four xbox one an PC fergie y news. There will be new episodes coming out this week. keep an eye on facebook page or go to G. G. Y. PODCAST DOT COM for more information and for one more thing. Cbs All access is going on a yet another adventure into the final frontier and is taking some familiar faces. Along with a journey for the franchise past the streaming site has announced a new prequel spin off based off the characters from season two of star trek discovery. The show will explore the years of Captain. Christopher Pike was in charge of the US as a decade before capped over Captain James Kirk took command of the ship. The newly announced series starring Fan favorites from discovery. Second season will feature Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike Rebecca Romaine as number one and Ethan pack as Science Officer Spock as explore new worlds around the Galaxy Evita Goldman from discovery and Picard wrote the series based on a story he wrote with Alex cures men and Jenny Limit The series is said to be more episodic than discovery was where they had one overarching storyline. Strange new worlds is the latest production and the project of a long list of Star Trek In addition to discovery anchored card have an adult animated series called Lower Deck's in production? Cbs and you also have a children's enemies series being produced for Nickelodeon. Now that is a lot star trek but any franchise that can handle more than one story going on is star Trek There's so many strange worlds discover even with the old characters But finally the world will know the story superiority of Star Trek compared to the other major franchise. Yeah I said it. This has been the Gui pre-cap Cafa along with all the Fun Times Edgy You. I- PODCAST DOT com. If you want to contact US emails gigs under the influence at gmail.com. Carlessly boys male. It's eight Oh four five oh five. Forty four eighty four. That's eight four five five four G. Y. my name is bruce. Of course all of these things happen. I'm from future and be nice to each other. Gui PODCAST DOT COM..

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