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To buy German owned companies. And there's one very important legacy, Russia twenty teen has left behind. It showed Russians all these much feared foreigners toll the Russian authorities portray them to be the just people same. As else we'll ask whether Russia's football World Cup has changed anything inside the country and will also discuss Disney's bold plan to take on Netflix. All that right here on the briefing with me, Ben Ryland. In recent days, there have been stark warnings about the United Kingdom, leaving the European Union without reaching an agreement, the governor of the Bank of England. Mark, Connie says that a no deal Brexit is uncomfortably high, but what could crushing out of the block actually look like? I'm joined on the line by lawns prize, who is a political commentator. He also used to be Tony Blair director of communications when he was the UK's prime minister lands. Thanks for joining us. Let imagine for a moment that we reach deadline day, there's no deal. What happens next. Well, it means exactly what it says on the tin. No deal means. There will be no deal on anything. Theresa May the prime minister. Another ministers a fond of saying that nothing is agreed until everything read and nothing agree than there is no full. For people to cross borders. The the continent full uses bowl people to enter the countries in the European Union. There will be no Raymond for trade. So that would be long. Queues have to be border checks on the border between the United independ-, the rest of Europe. That would mean long queues of mores waiting to get sports like d'auvergne a New Haven. There would be a hawk order. We border controls between Northern Ireland and the Republican island. There would be no deal on flight. So the planes and pilots ensure to fly between the United Kingdom and the rest of the European Union, there will be no deal on things like medical safety. So the imported drugs would be suspended at that would be. Disruption to the supply of food. It is such an apocalyptic scenario that actually I don't think that no deal is a serious possibility. Well, despite that, there are lots of people who have been raising this warning and perhaps it is perhaps it is simply a caution that things aren't moving quickly enough, but some brings it. He is saying that the u k could actually function perfectly normal in the event that it crashed out of the block. So rubbish to everything. You've just sit there loans and also trade agreements could follow within days of losing the shackles. He's all of that. Just wishful thinking. Wow. If they think they believe it than they are completely bonkers. I don't think they even think that they do believe it. They they, they know that impacted terms. It would be all, but impossible for into continue under those circumstances. And over talked about so far, are the tactical impediments soup would be in place immediately berko says the politics as well. The coast and the house of Commons would be uproar, never mind the way in which businesses and industry and so on. But also putting pressure on on government house Commons would wear it. There's no Johnny in the house accumbens for no deal as there would be meant political pressure. All. To find some way to it'll. So on top of that warning for Mark, Connie than the famous Utica who giant Astra Zeneca says, patients in the European Union may not be able to receive vital medicines from the UK if the company does not successfully prepare for a no deal Briggs is that more of a dramatic warning on top of everything we've just said. Well, all these warnings are ballot because people are taking lips. What no deal means. No deal means absolutely. No deal on an insect. And that is such a massively in the dial that companies, whether it's medical companies or exposure impulses. None of them know how they co under those circumstances because it's not as if that might be a bullet controls that has to be to in children yet legal requirement of European Union Illitch protected. It's it's boulders..

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