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An alternate Alex Williams ninety five point five W. SP final segment broadcast market in for vine has or will be in again tomorrow and Friday and then next week you can check back the market show six to eight PM Monday through Friday and W. S. B. got to be real quick so we get everybody on before the end of the broadcast he joins us in lovely Loganville Pete what's cooking my friend hi Justin spelled Steve P. E. T. E. well he's still an advertiser actually doing just as good as Jack what's going on C. I was actually about ten miles away from when the space shuttle blew up I was working Christmas Florida used to stand out on the loading dock and watch him take all and listen to the radio as it was going off and it was everybody just kind of was stunned as weird as it just disintegrated in front of us you knew right away that that was that was just a tragic thing right there is no question actually absolutely it was funny because we were listening to the radio and the and the announcer on the radio goes obviously a major malfunction and I was like yeah yeah I I vaguely remember that when I was watching TV and I don't know what channel but I remember the anchor the news anchor being like well hopefully there okay and I was like at eleven years old gone dude no like that that's that was just horrifically CC's install mountain CC welcome mark air show thank you I'm so excited to call in when I heard you're going to do this so yesterday it brought back memories I grew up in the fifties and sixties and lived down the street from then senator John planet mercury astronaut well I grew up in an age where every little boy with either a cowboy or wanted to be an unnatural right stuff yeah right that number please say that movie until I was old enough to see it you know later and thought wow these guys or something because he was he was a hero being an astronaut but he's also our neighbor that dogged by every day in his heavy wet old fashioned but they but I remember where I was the morning of the challenger like many Americans I just kind of forgot about the state you know program but I was told with a seven week old first born child and was sitting on the sofa nursing him and watching it and thinking about the teacher because like what your caller said that was the first time out the billion had gone up and so it was a usually different saying and sat there why should take off sold all this pride of my heart about what a great world my children are going to be born into an and that this program is going to continue and then seeing it blow up I remember sitting there just and you know stunned silence and watching it over and over and over again and I told my daughter to date many of my grandsons eleventh birthday I said make sure the kids watch this tonight because in nineteen sixty nine I remember with my siblings the boys across the street the boys next door all crowded into the family room all this lay in on our bellies in the nineteen sixty nine **** carpeting are paying shares that the T. V. we all had color TV's that we want to watch it together and I'm in a space geek and so I've talked about that the the moon landing a number of times on the show and I'm so sad I wasn't alive when that happened because what an amazing moment not only for an individual but for the United States the world as a whole to to actually see someone land on the moon and I think is a great step today this afternoon with the the rocket launch and hopefully everything goes fine it down in Cape Canaveral Randall's now for ready Randall Walker the program hello hello well I I was in when you have the challenger incident I was a junior in college studying aerospace so was on the you know pretty much for shock to me and I was also going to a strange time I had a son that was born two months premature is intensive care and so it was a interesting time but what's interesting is that when you're in a over a year later when they were building up just after lunch again I although I wasn't looking for a job at the time I ended up going to work there for seven years oh no kidding yeah a lot of people right when you wake your son okay do everything turned out OK with your son yeah it turned out great it was close call the doctors were a little surprised he pulled through but he's fine so he's got to be like th how old is he now thirty four yes yeah no I'm not putting pressure on you to remember your son's age log or do you know your daughter's age I do seven and four all right I think about it for a second which is about to be five Dustin's down at Warner Robbins way Dustin walking mark am show Hey mark how are you doing today what's up brother all men will you know just thinking that I was only six years old when the when when a currency happened and the latest and the most my memory is the the portrait of the of the astronauts all all together today yeah the picture the famous people throughout Europe that you're in the city and all the teacher was always pointed out manages the that that really bring to mind their time I hear about this well that's why we need we need positive thoughts prayers that everything goes well for the first time almost ten years to Americans being launched from two space from American soil Harris is going to close out Decatur Harrison real quick buddy what you have Hey mark what what we can afford you a good space even though there are busted up budget yes they've given us the just closed out their applications for the next asked not collapse in the March of this year yes your back well but that was my my cap space knock on wood I hope you get the the best that I hope anyone that does want to venture into space as a space tourist gets the opportunity I'll be jealous from you and non claustrophobic here on the ground longer let's do start the show.

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