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News time, it's seven oh, two I'm Taylor Kiner up. Here's our top story, the family, alleging brutality against Phoenix. Police calls the apologies from the chief and mayor a sham reacting to this weekend statements from Phoenix. Police chief Jerry Williams and Phoenix. Mayor Kate geigo driven aims in his fiancee, Aisha Harper believed the apologies are not good enough. Officers are still working age is basically a slap in face is like putting some Limoges on open. Wound is just hurting us even more that they're still working attorney for the family, Tom horn, because of this physical brutality in the case where the individuals were one hundred percent compliant all of the time with no excuse for. It is the reason we've made a ten million dollar notice of claim Ali vetnar, KTAR news. And we now have the surveillance video from the dollar store, where Dr on Ames's daughter allegedly stole that doll to see the video, head to KTAR dot com KTAR is on parenting. Arizona ranks forty sixth in the US. S for child while being this is according to an anti E Casey foundation kids count data book report, the report looks at kids health education, economic wellbeing, and family and community. We rank forty fifth in kids economic wellbeing in Arizona thirty two percent of children are growing up in households that are spending a disproportionate amount of their income on housing it. So making sure that families have access to affordable housing is extremely important. Lisa Hamilton with the foundation says, kids get affected by the economy because the money gets spent on housing instead of kids food and clothe. She adds that overall twenty one percent of kids growing up in Arizona. Live in poverty. A former DPS crime lab employee was indicted on theft charges today. Talk Whittard of a crime lab. Supervisor allegedly stole rifle magazines ammunition and other firearm accessories from a lab storage facility and would take them home on multiple occasions. Whittard resigned. Two days after he was arrested earlier this year. He's facing fraud and theft charges. Now, let's get a check on traffic..

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