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Or Jackson Heights from September twenty fourth through September. Twenty eight Good Morning America. This is the cats roundtable chunk catching Kiedis here Sunday morning well, forty days or just about maybe a little less election with us. This morning is new. Jersey. Congressman Chris Smith and Christmas brings us up to date New Jersey what's going on and were And what concerns you. Well thank. Everyone else. Having this terrific virus. Trying to make sure that people are safe but also that we opened in a way that is. More. Likely to lead to job gains so it it's a real. And working to get. A A vaccine all the rest So I never were chase work individuals asking me for help in my entire career the last six months or so so and we met every need we've worked seven days a week now there is no day off anymore. and. That's fine. because challenges are so great John In this election running on my record which I think is You know I I've written many many laws on three laws looking in putting our landmark laws on it particularly on the research side. And in a couple of weeks. We will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Larva that I wrote called the trafficking victims protection. act. It's our whole of government landmark historic law to combat sex trafficking in the United, states and everywhere else in the world. And it has made an enormous difference helping women protecting. Prosecution. Of the traffickers and protested women's women. The three pieces we call it and and I. Took a couple of years to get past and it's being very faithfully aggressively prevented by the administration so. This is things We got a lot of. our area either working on Lions Nineteen Ninety two we got a major breakthrough with enactment of tick act. I was the house sponsor of that we put into a lark bill and l. all worn research you know trying to get to the bottom of again finding a timber and. Hopefully initiating a major effort prevention of lyme disease and other tick borne diseases. But I've led that for almost thirty years and we finally last couple of Moosehead age breakers. That's a that's just stuff. You know because we we kinda make breakthroughs and we to go forward and it seems like everybody's busy fighting with each other instead of going. And Working together for the best of America tell us about New Jersey. What's going on all the New Jersey racism. In general. Well. They're allowed competitive reasons mostly. Some of the first timers at a running, you know in New Jersey we we had four seats that Republican that were lost in the last election when there was that blue waves and there was a blue wave and they're very competitive each and every one of them and so. There's Jersey is a battleground, but it's supposed to be a battleground in certain congressional districts. So that's worth watching my racist going. Back poll and it couldn't have been better I run like a behind every time I run. I take nothing for granted. I ask people respectfully for their voting Please consider. never taken for granted and feeling it has to be earned and I hope already I think I am. Who which ways New Jersey leaning towards trump towards. Well I the polls that indicate towards fighting Almost. Good parental registered Democrats to Republicans, and that's a lot of differential like the ticket splitters the unaffiliated far out. everyone else I mean it's a phenomenon of the independent New Jersey voter So it's anyone's guess how might go we had A Republican governor that long ago and Chris Christie So it does show that the state can embrace a Republican you know if. So inclined. So I think the polls are pretty much Trending. But that's contains you know as you said about forty days to go, that's a You know we were in a situation where you know just about anything can happen. we've got debates coming up at the president and. And you know that could have an impact. But. Frankly I think people really you know the good things that have happened you know the covid nineteen efforts. Have presently or by the president. Extraordinary I mean I know the key players from Deborah burks to to black? and sometimes appears to be fixing there but I think it's more. You want a diversity of voices at that in those meetings things what about this shouldn't be doing that and that works speed initiative taking. Star Trek I guess you know the you know to really slowly events. And also. to deal with this Is is unprecedented and I. You know the way the private public partnership has been crafted. You know when? President. Trump and that he has. We're getting all the pharmaceutical companies to work at speed, but at a time but Christmas congressman, thank you so much for calling in and thank you for everything you do for our country and people keep working hard. Thank you. Thank you very much south at the end. This is the catch on table we write back..

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