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Trust. Eighty degrees at eight thirty three. I'm Steven Pickering on NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. The suspect in a hit and run case that injured in Arlington. Police officer over the weekend has been arrested the bicycle officer was working at the kabuki music festival when he was hit by an SUV and thrown from his bicycle he was treated to the hospital and released police say Thirty-seven-year-old Steven Turner voluntarily came to Arlington police headquarters this afternoon for questioning detectives arrested him on a charge of failure to stop and render aid. He also had outstanding arrest warrants in Fort Worth on misdemeanor charges a grand prairie homeowner. Shoots and kills an intruder KRLD's. Austin York has the story. Police say it happened one twenty year old Ramey. Castellano broke into the home on planes court mark-peseta with police says when the homeowner heard the commotion he grabbed a gun and shot Castellina at suspect and drove to local hospital of Kim. Three sixty where he was later, pronounced ceased. He says the home was targeted, although he doesn't know if there is any type of relationship between the homeowner in castaway, the investigation into the shooting continues the case will be handed over to a grand jury, Austin York, NewsRadio ten eighty K you roll the police in walks Hatschi say a man they want to question for January murder may be in Dallas. Detectives are looking for twenty three year old Kevin Mitchell as a person of interest in the January thirtieth robbery and shooting of Dmitry Collins detective, Elizabeth glad well says Collins was that his brother's apartment when he was killed. They are still not sure the motive. Drugs at the location that that we have come to find. So I don't know if it's possible they thought there might have been some there, or you know, what exactly they were looking for police have already arrested, Tyrone Tate. He's being held on nearly one million dollars bond..

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