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U. S. Senate at stake with a number of closely washed races there. It's not just the White House governor Baker ordering new restrictions kicking in this Friday as covert cases rise in the Commonwealth. An investigation now under way into a deadly officer involved shooting in Winchester last night 100 million Americans have already cast their ballots, and this was before the Poles even open today, Let's get the latest now from ABC News. It's Election Day and Costa Coast polls are open. ABC is Mark Velarde at a polling center in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. This historic part of Philadelphia, just down market Street from Independence Hall. Voters are casting ballots here at the Museum of the American Revolution, Pal Fricking Cool is that Leah blew. It is the judge of elections for Award five division to here in Philadelphia and says there was an early rush when the polls opened at seven. But things have slowed down since then. People were excited to vote in this election, so I think a lot of them came out early this morning. Our first voter in line got in line at 5 30, she says. More than half of all voters in this area have voted by mail. Mark Malard, ABC News, Philadelphia President, Trump said to visit the Republican National Committee headquarters in Virginia today and earlier, Joe Biden attended church in Wilmington, Delaware, his home state. He visited his son Bo's grave, and he also visited the graves of his first wife and their daughter with continuing coverage. I'm Michelle Franzen, ABC News And you're listening to W B c news radio streaming on the eye Hard radio app. Ask you're smart Speaker to play us on double BBC news radio it I hard radio and we are just on every platform. So what will we know? And when will we know it? This, of course, is the big question as results from the election will trickle in tonight In Texas, A federal judge's blocked a Republican effort there. To throw out more than 100,000 ballots casted curbside voting in Harris County, which contains Houston in Pennsylvania. The counting of early ballots could not start until this morning, and some counties opted to begin that process. In fact, tomorrow That state also was allowing ballots postmarked by today to arrive up to three days later in the battleground state of Ohio. The grace period for late arriving ballots is even longer. And ABC is Adrian Banker has more voters actually have until November. 13th Teo get in their mail in ballots in.

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