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All right we are live apologists. Live here to answer your questions. Any questions you may have. We will do an open. Qna at the tail end of this show but if you saw the title of this show we're going to have some more difficult issues to cover and we're going to be dealing with some texts of scripture because I'm very frustrated and what I've seen in some reporting in the news and so we're GONNA end up dealing with that in a moment. Let me I just to get out of the way not that. It's not important but we want to get onto the show I do want to let you know that we we are going to be doing on. May Thirtieth a free seminar. It will be Justin Peters myself at snatched them from the flames home edition. We will be covering the topics of the sufficiency of scripture and the How to interpret the Scriptures? Justin Peters will take the first one on sufficiency scripture a cover the topic of how to interpret the Scriptures. Then what we're GONNA do. We're GONNA take a lunch break after that. Justin Peters will deal in a little. Bit of detail can be a longer session covering how to discern false teachers and then after that I will do. I'll go through the whole book of Jude. And so that's going to be longer than an hour. Probably as well and we're going to deal with. How do identify false teachers? So that's May thirtieth you can go to striving for eternity dot. Org and the information will be there If it's not there now it will be there soon so just go there and look for the information to register and that is free of charge. Justin I because we're not traveling. There's no sense in a kind of charging 'cause we just It's it's really our time. That is the issue so And Justin I both of us do not take speaking fees. We just ask for travel to be covered so neither one of US wanted to to put a fee to that so what we want to also do is let you know that. This is also a podcast. If you WANNA go to apologize live on any PODCAST APP. You can subscribe and listen to these regularly. you can go back and listen to old episodes. They're helpful and the we do. Put this as part of the Christian podcast community. So that's if you are a Christian podcast or someone who likes to listen to Christian podcast you can go to Christian podcast dot. Org did listen to all of them and we will be having tent. We have a debate. That we're trying to set up. Tentatively may twenty eighth it will be Baptists and Lutherans? And so they're going to deal with the issue of baptism and so we're trust. We're trying to work out all the details on that. So when I get those I will give those to you all right so what we WANNA do. Is We want to cover some issues here that I think need to be addressed. If you have heard there is issues that are going on at Cedar Ville University and I'm going to bring my mic guest host in here Anthony. Dr Anthony Silvestro You and I've been doing a bit of research on this these this issue The issue deals with Civil University and it deals not directly though we we want to say from the outset Both Anthony and I are not going to address the specific issues of whether we think Dr White at Cedar Ville has has done wrong or not because we're waiting for the investigation. There's investigation that's ongoing there. We're GONNA explain everything that that has happened. But we believe that Internet bloggers are. You shouldn't be jumping beyond what actually could be known and I'm going to show you that. There is some a lot of blogging. That's going on about this and some of that is I'm Gonna. Argue is for purpose People who have something a possibly against Cedar Ville and Dr White I also believe that there may be other other reasons and we're going to get to that but I do i. I will say that I do think that this problem. That is that Cedar Bill now heads to deal with is the fault of someone else and that is Matt Chandler of Village Church and so for full disclosure because I think Anthony wanted me to make sure I. I mentioned this for full disclosure. I do know Dr. Thomas White We we have communicated on several occasions. We've spoken at conferences together I find him to be a man of integrity and this is going to be a thing that I believe. I'm if I see someone who has a history of integrity. I'm going to be more likely to believe them over. People that have a history of lack of integrity. And we're hopefully going to explain some of that this program so any any things that you want to bring up Anthony before we get started with some of the clips we have. Well no I think I should reiterate though that that Right now Thomas White is innocence. Right I mean he's innocent and unlike what's the metoo movement has been doing in recent times as well as just lots of the people as they're very quick to take allegations and propagate him to point of being true or almost true insist and slandering people so much so that even when somebody is found to be completely innocent that they're the reputations are destroyed forever and and that's the part that could be unfortunate in a situation like that so we just have to. We have to keep in mind the his innocent right now And also before. Before you go onto that I are you telling me the metoo movement I mean Joe Biden's automatically guilty. Oh wait a minute. That's not so so. Let's I mean 'cause this is this is actually bring that up. You know the metoo movement but this is a good example of something for folks who didn't see like page thirty five of the The New York Times when the whole thing came out when when Brett calving off got you know when he was in was an FBI report. That was done and there was a gentleman. I forget his name now but there was a gentleman who was in that. Fbi report who admitted being the one that actually raped that woman so all of those Democrats when they were arguing either they didn't read the FBI report that they didn't want released they wanted the FBI investigation. They didn't want it released but if they read it they knew cavenaugh never did it but even till today you still have them arguing the off is guilty of rape and yet Joe Biden now Kevin off. There's no evidence that they actually that he and this woman actually met. But with in the case of Joe Biden. She actually worked for him. There's actually records that she's been saying this for a long time. That can be documented. Unlike the cabin off case were they were documented. She came out of this years ago and it was just kind of brushed aside. The other staffers. So so we do see a double standard that we do see a standard. Where if you're in the right side of History Party politics? Whatever really social justice you get a pass when you do the very same things that they accuse others. I mean I think it's a great illustration because they knew Kavanagh was innocent. He never did it but they turnage does reputation anyway and this is why I think we have to be careful and deal with this properly and look at the evidence. We actually have not what we assume staff. Yeah absolutely and I think that. That's this cavenaugh in Biden issue. You know there's there's been charts floating around and facebook. I was trying to pull it up right now. I couldn't grab it right away but it goes through a list of like ten or twelve things down the left column right. And you've got cabin on Biden at the the top two columns and it shows that a when you look at allegations and the allegations. It seemed to be more tree versus others. You can literally check the box right on down the list for Biden because of because of the proximity like you already said of the of the accuser. The not only in time but also in space right as well as so many other factors in all of this and yet cavanaugh was put through the ringer where Biden has been given a completely free pass and so it goes to show that the metoo movement they they really don't care about the females that they say that they're trying to protect they care about an agenda that they have what their what their major agenda is you know. I guess it's a great segue into what we're dealing with right now. Because you so andrew you might be able to to give viewers a little bit better of and understanding than than even I can. When Thomas White came to Cedar Fill he had to clean house. Yeah Yeah and I think he did it in. This is GonNa be part of the thing. Is that Thomas? White is very conservative and like the Bible. Yeah Yeah Okay just making sure that we were were and I should throw up Ethan. Saying Cedar Ville is his second choice for colleges right now. Well I I would say Ethan. I it would be my has been my first choice for people because of Thomas White So when Thomas White got there the the the seminary is are. The school was going more liberal. Like many lemony seminaries have done. Many Christian universities have done I we may I may bring up some some other things with other universities tonight that we see where they're going more liberal and it takes a lot to turn that around. Thomas White did something when he got in And I had heard about this. You know after I had This happened before I knew him but what he did was he. He basically gave the doctrinal statement. First Cedar Ville to all the professors and he gave them You're basically their contract. Said that they had to agree. With the doctrine of Cedar Ville now he realized that as with many universities You get professors. Who Don't agree but it's kind of accepted that they they've been teaching there. They get allowed to keep teaching there. They get tenure. What what he did was he basically wanted to clean house so he offered as far as I understand. He offered all the professors that anyone who could not agree to the doctoral statement of Cedar Ville they would be given one year salary they could work for one year. They could teach that year and then they would be let go and get a whole year severance so they had two years to go look for work and still get paid however if they signed the document saying they believe in it and it is discovered that they do not believe in it they would they would. The agreement in the contract was there. Let go immediately now. What that did was that. Got a bunch of people that saw the writing on the walls. New is better to take the package and leave and so it was a very good way of kind of cleaning house and still respecting the professors who had been teaching there and had been Some for years but they can move on and but he wanted professors that were going to teach basically the Bible when when my daughter I should as full disclosure my daughter attended Cedar Ville and loved it My son in law also is a cedar vote graduate and Pastors Kids. All our. I've spoken in Chapel there so I mean we. It's not that there's not a relationship that we have there now. Anyone who's GonNa Argue? Will that makes you bias. I'm going to argue that. I think that the people breaking the story have a bias as well However I will also say that people who know me people who've watched this program for a long period of time. They know that I have a record of respecting other people's opinion not misrepresenting people and so. I think that even if I have a bias I haven't ability to put that on the side to be fair with information given and look. Here's the reality too is. People should be able to listen to this show and recognize that we are doing nothing but presenting the facts that are actually known the facts that are actually out there versus the rumors that are being spread by sources that have not provided evidence of what they are claiming to be at least at this point yet because then we'll get to the fact that claiming someone has evidence and actually showing evidence are are two totally different things and so one of the things that really impressed me with. Dr White was when he had all the parents at the. You know when you take your kids to school that first time the kids go and do stuff and then Dr White actually wants to speak to the parents and it was really interesting. I mean so..

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