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Catherine thank you so much for joining us on the podcast. Great to have you on this one. We really always begin rental beginning. So if you wouldn't mind sharing where you were born and raised and what your folks that are living god. I love it really back at the beginning. I was born outside of chicago. But i was raised in cleveland heights. Which is a suburb on the east side of cleveland. ohio And my mom was for the most part a stay at home mom until she went back to work she started working. At a montessori school in an administrative capacity and my dad was in advertising and then he had his own business called ohio computer ribbon and supply. And now i know you started acting professionally. Innocence at a very early age. But i guess just before we even get into what that was all about. Do you remember how you even realize that before that. That acting was something that appealed to you. My uncle paul an who recently died but my uncle. Paul was really kind of my i shepard in to this to this world. He took me to see my first opera. Which was hansel and gretel humperdinck opera. And i just remember being it. Was you know like we all remember anyone that has anything to do with the performing arts. That first feeling of being transported. I i remember being blown away. That hansel was played by a girl just couldn't because of the so that they could get their their voices. I just remember just being blown away by the wicked witch being blamed on not understanding the language but just i knew of course the story and i was just so moved by the power of the the music and so i grew up with both of my uncles. My on my mom's side were in classical music and some way or the other so my uncle paul would go. He was the general manager for symphonies. All over the country before they started like as they would just be folding behind him basically as he went around the country it was so sad. We have to keep the arts alive but i remember sitting in seats and listening to classical music a lot as a child and going to see the ballet with my mom she would always get season passes and we would go to the ballet will so how to somebody you know. That's that's a that's cool exposure at a young age to the arts. But i mean that's a long way from being on tv at the age of twelve lake. How does how does this kind of happen that you you basically wind up with a saturday morning. Children's show that you're starring on. I mean i. I was occurred in polar at the cleveland. Play house so i backtracking a little bit. When i was in kindergarten. I started taking acting classes after school and i was like. It was weirdly faded. I just was like i. It was like there was no as soon as i started taking these classes and started seeing i remember also my aunt. Betty took me to go. Anthony went to take me to see annie when it toured through town so it was just like happening by scott. There was no option. I didn't see how it was going to unfold like. I had no grandiose ideas but it was just like that was what was in the car. It's like that's who i was. I mean there was never a backup plan ever. So i was at the cleveland playhouse. I was those were like. That was my church. That was my and even though he went to church it was like the i had nothing on it. Like there was nothing holy to me than just like a ghost lamp on a little stage with like a bunch of grubby other kid actors just scrambling around you know around it. Vending machine will when you say you were occurred in polar though. You're not literally pulling the car. That was a program that was the program it used to use back in the day. They would pull. The curtains. And i was really bummed to learn that i would not i was not asked you but we we. You know it was like we did. We did shows cold like sneakers..

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