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Available progressive dot com or 1 800 progressive Pro marketplace times to prevent ashore in for David Brancaccio, who's on assignment, Republicans are expected to roll out their trillion dollar Corona virus relief package today. I know we have heard this one before, but Might actually happen This time. The bill would address the expiring $600 a week. Supplemental unemployment benefit, among other things, Marketplaces Nancy Marshall Ganz ER joins us to talk about it. Good morning. Casey. So are Republicans going to extend that $600 a week It doesn't look like it. Instead, they're expected to propose replacing it with a scale back supplemental unemployment benefit that would amount to around 70% of the last salary of an unemployed worker, and they don't have a lot of time so breed. The $600 benefit officially expires this Friday. Weren't the Republicans by the way supposed to unveil this last week, they were, but there have been disagreements over what to include in the bill Over the weekend, White House officials said, they've decided on sort of a scaled down package. It's focused on the extra unemployment payment. Also, it's expected to include liability protections for businesses and schools, making it difficult for them to be sued if a worker or student got covert 19. The Republicans are also expected to include another 1200 Dollar relief payment in their legislation, and they could push for an extension of an eviction moratorium. That's expiring. What do Democrats have to say? Well, they passed him more than $3 trillion bill a few months ago, and that legislation extends the $600 weekly payments through January. Democrats don't like the liability protections either say employers and schools would have no responsibility to keep work places in schools safe. Marketplaces. Nancy Marshall Ganz, Sir. Thank you so much. You're welcome. Longer. Those expanded benefits go UN renewed the Mork consequences. We may see the number of people in the U. S. Relying on snap benefits for food assistance. Food stamps grew by 17% in just the 1st 3 months of pandemic, and as marketplaces Samantha Fields reports, that number is likely to grow further. If some form of support is an extended one of the first things Kevin ask you did after he lost his job back in March, was signed up for food stamps. I had no other choice. I had to have something to eat. You know, he's 57 before the pandemic, he was working as a chef at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh..

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