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Kevin knight joined by two illustrates co host. This evening first off. Eric robinson is on twitter at underscore eric underscore robinson eric. How're you doing tonight. Look pretty good. And i'm going to get her boys back on the field. This sunday against a hated english rival hated the most hated. Yes prime yeah. I mean the other division rivalries. They just don't hit the same you know like just don't so they're they're flows there. I called them division foes the right division quote. we're rivals. There's nothing we respectable. Yeah so we say. We are facing the saints to speak in his hate week. Also joining us. Evan burchfield at the very easy to remember at a burst field on twitter. Evan how are you doing tonight Great yeah just to piggyback off of eric You know hate week or whatever you wanna call. It's always exciting You know you hate the saints more. Because like if this you see the saints in panthers playing or the saints in buffs playing favoring the other team like i want the bucks or panthers to win always want the saints lose especially like i don't care belt draft picks whatever always want the falcons beat the saints so It and i think what's special about this rivalry is you. It doesn't matter what the records are They always play each other tough for whatever reason so yeah. Let's get to this. Oh yeah let's get into it. Yeah before we get started guys just reminder. You don't mind throwing awake. White at video helps other folks on youtube. Find us in all the really hard core people here all right to being a show so i. I almost certain that everyone of you are subscribed. But if you're not a subscribe button help us out you'll get notifications when we go live and all that good stuff. We appreciate that to sit up a little box over here to thank our donors as well so All you guys listed there appreciate all you guys have been donating to sport the show On the topic of the patriot. I promise that is coming. The discord is coming in fact. I invited some alcoholic. Vip's into the discord. So they can. Attest test does discord does exist in some deep History it israel. But we're working on it so thank you to all of you. That are asked about that. But yeah let's let's get into before we get to the saints because that's the topic of the evening. Let's get into the news of of Yesterday i guess which was tech mckinley getting wage by the bengals strong takes about tack. All this show last wednesday. I assume reactions about him getting waved by the bengals. Due to a failed. Physical will be equally hot. Eric as our resident tech. Mckinley prognosticator Let you have the i i. Well it's a title that we've only had for the last two weeks. But you've you've heard it buddy. Get it man. Nothing surprise me honestly. Been some rumors floating around saying that he deliberately vale is physical Just again being able to have another side at a team on the west coast. Get closer to home. Ooh who knows and even if that is true again is not much of a surprise. Nashes who is. This guy carries an ego as if he's in elite talent and inquired you quite honestly so claim apparently by the niners Galaxy niners You know what and for anybody that wants to continue to say that he the balkans and he warned. Nothing is going to prove anything until he puts that jersey in basilan get their bill. Tilden has improved a damn thing. So far he's wind his way out of atlanta got cincinnati builders. Musical was doesn't surprising because the injury history in hours in san francisco the web. Well you know. Like i mean honestly i. It seems like he's doing all the wrong things but it's working out for him. So i mean i guess. More power to him. If that i mean i wouldn't necessarily want to play in cincinnati. I mean i guess. At least with joe burrow. I think there is hope for the future and i think who was zac taylor the head coach there right so it's not like they're total dumpster fire anymore but i think he really wanted to go to a winner which i don't know why. What to san francisco because it's not like they're way much this year but i mean yeah it's weird the whole situations weird i. I just don't believe in rewarding people who complain. You know like rewarding. The guy that yells allowed us like that. That doesn't really promote good things for your team and like clearly. He had to go from atlanta because remorse doesn't strike me as a guy that's just like cutting bait with people for no reason so clearly he had to go for one reason or another and you know who knows what kind of pat like compensating typically would have gotten i probably would have been minimal if anything like for the record if we got like a seven for him as pick. It's unlikely it actually would have stuck because if you look at the cockpit formula this year people need to remember that only the top thirty two complex work. If if there's more than thirty two they get cancelled so all of the seventh round complex. You have been canceled already. So there are no seventy complex this year because there's too many early one so like we probably wouldn't have gotten anything at that point which is why i probably would trade it him for literally anything just awful at the salary at this point but hey what can we. What can we say. What can we do is that we can who even had offers or barclays or evening worked listening to. Yeah i mean. Sarah said they had offers. I mean we don't know what those offers look like. I mean it might have been like you know conditional seven who knows but like that's not okay like we're we're really really up in arms over that. Yeah i mean it's not super worth like getting out of shape over but you know it's i think it's more compounded with like the failure to move players last year when they really shouldn't have which i understand now i would also understand if they legitimately deemed have a third or fourth round. Pick on the table and they said no. I will completely now i that would change my perception on everything. I will look at that and say cave. S best ludwick is why he did when if honestly. I don't think just knowing how. I think i don't think team was that who is enough to offer a third and four or a guy with his injury history and lack of production. I most that they probably got was a sticks. Maybe a set of be quite honest with you. That's what were were were crying about. Is who cares. Can you remember the seven zero five. Come on now. That would that's out of two thousand twelve. Say i think the only good player for the two thousand twelve months..

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