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Morning at 10 18 traffic and weather on the AIDS Rita Kessler and the W T O be traffic center. Well to 70 is a problem yet again today, South Bounty 70 delays out of 80 in Havana Trying to make your way past 109. It is a single right lane getting you by the work zone. This has affected South bound 3 50. Five along that stretch is a lot of you are trying to take that. Instead. After that, it looks good. Had it all the way to the lane Divide onto either loop of the Beltway. Now north bound in the local lanes near Falls Road. That's usually a single left lane getting by the work but not really causing much of a backup right now. Also westbound I 70 near 97 in Westminster Above 97. The pothole was opening up in the center of the roadway. Stick to either side to get around it. South bound 95 between 1, 75 and 32. There was a broken down vehicle crowding the left lane. North bound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. The mobile crew moving out of Greenbelt headed the 1 75 along the right side, picking up debris on the Bay Bridge on the Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge. There are wind warnings in effect, which doesn't carry any vehicle restrictions, but something to keep in mind in the district inbound South Capitol Street on the Douglas Bridge, the right lane is blocked with the work North bound I to 95 is at a crawl, trying to make your way from laboratory road toward Malcolm X Avenue and joint base. Anacostia Bolling Watch for work to be taking a lane in Virginia West. Down 66 between Haymarket and the planes. It was a mobile work crew moving along the left side 95 in Virginia North bound seeing a slowdown trying to make you a past 6 10 into Quantico. Watch for any work set up there. Also, Sunset Hills wrote it really avenue. You're under police direction as they put in new traffic lights. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p. Traffic. All right, Let's see what's happening here with storm team for meteorologists Chuck Bell Hey, Good morning. Yeah, The sun is making an appearance. But, wow, that Northwest wind is really.

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