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Another time is flying episode. I know man well the people while we can Dan. Okay Remission Eric are. Joe Are from Stockholm when ninety nine ninety nine John Strickland Strickland wasn't falling John. Strickland in Bartlesville Oklahoma. I'm sorry it yes in Bartlesville Oklahoma one two three four five Corey Ainsworth in Edgerton Wisconsin Wisconsin Now it's gotTa be night or something here takes Rolla value provided way Corey Ainsworth. Yes yes S. Cory will be knighted today. I don't think Korea had any special requests for the for the round table but this donation brings brings me to knighthood accounting attach please nightly Sir data ops that Wisconsin millennial you mentioned last episode that there would be trouble for the video games industry ahead. I I believe this is related to children. Gambling wikipedia describes this on its loot box. Page if you're curious look at that later I am somewhat curious. Well I can't wait to see you on the podium and for your official pronunciation but anything about this. What did shed children being gamblers? Well we have to look into it so so we don't actually know we don't actually know yet okay Do we have on the night list is in is just checking. I don't know if it's IAN or or Ion Ian Ian Okay all right who would say anything. Other than that. Alexander's Souls Burger Eight. Oh Eight William allston eight. Oh Eight Baltimore. Booby says and he wants Travel Goats Scream Karma For All the visiting family yes. We'll do that at the end. You Bet you bet Miguel Gonzalez or gun Sol's depends on what part of the He's from You want some house. Restoration Karma will put that at the end sixty nine hold on a second he says also. Can I call out both Adam and John Douche bags bags read that. What the hell you guys do left with? The left does to trump any signs of right wing. Thinking means that they call him out as a Nazi. In your case you call out any left-winger thought as Marx Associates Duels soon. All Shit Bullshit Bullshit. That's not true. Find It. Please send me. All the episodes we call people a Marxist slash socialist. No and then he it goes on you and they call themselves that like Alexander Castle. Cortez she calls herself a socialist in fact Ernie calls himself a social they have a clip of. AFC that's actually Oke Ko. See that Sandy Handy at the beginning. She's the set the end of the show. I'll do an aside here for the audience. The ended last show. You said that they sounded the same and that clip and the pigs clip and there it is thought to myself self. I don't think they sound that much the same but now that you play it. Isn't that crazy. How how much she sounds like it? Sounds exactly the same serviceman her. It's her as thank you Sir Dave Thompson for putting that together and sending it to me anyway back to back to the note at hand and Yeah I really appreciate Miguel donating and and bitching. I think it's worthwhile to read it by the way but you notice these in the UK. Yes he's in the UK very socialist. Marxist No Adam. The Netherlands never socialist nor is Sweden nor France. North Gavin. newsom okay. I've never said Sweden his socialist of France may be Gavin. newsom Never Austin City Council. Well I don't think so but the Netherlands. Yes we're totally totally socialist that Social Democrats the crafts of okay. Whatever I lived there I don't think you live there me? Guel at best they fall under the Big Social Democrat family. Okay in those that accept capitalism believe they can broker deal between capital and workers. Yeah it's called Socialist and Khamis way say the most of these guys do not accept capitalism. If you look at the sign edge that they haven't really it's got no capitalists and capitalism capitalism is is the patriarchy. Okay Bye bye well first of all. I'm offended that. He says that we call everyone there. If you Ben Shapiro Oh crowder Alex Jones go to all those guys. You can't pay us that whenever there's any signs of of crazy thinking you call them a Marxist and it's just not true yes. The Netherlands is completely everything socialized on on word of anyway. Thank you Miguel. Let me read. Anyone wants to donate sixty nine. Sixty complained to us. We'll pick it up. Let me just read the final bit of his note At best they fall into the big Social Democrat family those that accept capitalism and believe they can broker a deal between capital workers. How's that working out Marxism just points out that? There's a problem with capitalism the rate of profit as a tendency to go to zero whatever that means and when it reaches zero capitalism will no longer be possible in a communist society will then be possible it may be useful to read this so producers be informed or agree disagree loved the show okay. I don't understand San exactly what you're saying at the end there. Miguel but You donate with something like that You're going to get it right and appreciate it. I I really can't agree with your accusation. Oh Okay we'll read the next tyler NECC- in Mount Vernon Washington sixty thirty three and he has an interesting note. I WanNa read jobs. Is Karma work after getting laid off from my job making rubberstamps. I'm now working in a local government agency. Stay there until the depressions over. I got the right offer for after I was laid off. I've does waste as jobs Karma work. I've had to switch from listening to the podcast in my headphones. Well huffing rubber. Smoke smoke to listening in the car. But I'm glad I can still tune in and pay the bills My last name's Rich well thank you. I'm so happy to hear that. And thirty three cents the question was this a og jobs Karma or was it a trump Karma or a Combo Karma armor was a regular Karma. Well we need to know these things I need to know. If the other Karma workers have to report back they had reported so I guess not fuck. I'm sorry it was It was confusing and said second time. Donor please do not use my real name. And apparently she gave her pseudonym later in the in the sentence I was just trying to protect the innocent trying to take care genitals in Chandler Arizona fifty nine ninety nine Miguel Lopez. Wait a minute another Miguel. Oh this is a different one. He's I'm in New Jersey New Jersey. I'm doing my part. That can only be one no agendas right. Gene roker fifty five ten Super Bhutto Chabad yes abode suboxone path in memory Louisiana fifty five ten. He's got a birthday call out for his son who turns sixteen on the eighteenth. We'll do that sir. Acid the candidate. Avian Woods fifty. Five ten Keith Stephens Stephens or Stevens who knows fifty five ten love you guys been awhile since I last donated apparently since the club thirty three burnt down some donated. Todd of the Nimby hinterland ten nickels on the dime Totta the Nimba hinterlands should be to twenty five now the birthday Sebastian Fan Louis the Haas very good in the Netherlands de to on drew Andrew Gustav in Greensboro North Carolina. Fifty the following people are all fifty dollar donors starting with Andrew following Robert Case in mill spring North Carolina. Thomas Colette in Shawnee Oklahoma. Daniel Loboi in Bath Michigan. Brad Taylor in Duval Wisconsin Scott Lavender in Montgomery Texas Sir Scott. I'm not mistaken Scott Fuller in common. Cumming Georgia Jennifer. More in Huntley Casey nine. Vj See seventy. Three's the Jennifer Lady. Ham Julian Chick Fifty George.

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