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For the wrath of god is revealed from heaven against all on godliness and for the let me because that which let me show up rediscovery right for the raft of god is reveal from heaven against all on god in this and unrighteousness of man who will hold the truth of god on unrighteousness in me they'll individuals who knew the truth of god but now they have abandoned in because that which may be known of god is manifested in them for god have shown it under them for the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seeing being understood by the things which are made even his eternal power the got head so that they are without excuse because that when they know god now listen to this because when they knew god they glorified him not as god neither were thankful but became vein and their imaginations and foolish their darkness professing themselves to be wise they became fools and change the glory of incorruptible bunk corrupt will god into the images of birds incorruptible man in birds afoot whampoa now here's why you've got this obsession with the home of six the full god also gave them up to unclean is through the last of their heart duties on of their own bodies between themselves to change the truth of god in to ally and worshiped to create a weather then decreed this is in the first book romans starting would verse t the bible said because man because yale and harvard and the university of michigan and all of these colleges that was started by the church began to deny the god that the very reason they were created god said i'll turn them over to vile affections and they'll become obsessed with transgender homosexuality no it is a curse from god because harvard was started to glorify god yale princeton university illinois michigan an easter and god says because they refused to acknowledge me as god turn them over to vile affection just read romans the first chapter verse 18 through the end and you see why the obsession with six and perversion and our colleges because the american institutions that will calmly call colleges that were the founding foundation of this nation where started to uphold a judeo christian faith and they backed away from it so got that i'll let you be nasty ounces turn you to be in them all right that.

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