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It wasn't working. Yeah, exactly. So it's right there. That's a good idea. But we need to credit Brad Stevens for benching those guys, right? He's took him out. And when the second she kept going he wasn't quick to put them down as that big moment. Yeah Marcus Smart out there with that second unit Jayson Tatum watch because it was it Jaylin wind went too far. I mean he picked it back up and white 4714 back in the first quarter, you know, lazy start lazy 148 148 in the first quarter. Oh for five and almost literally not only lazy passes like zero passes. I mean, he literally was the classic wage. Up in the air here before you eat a look and then I'll wait. There's two Defenders there. You have to be picked off like those kind of fast as he was doing and it's just again it was when it was back to that hero ball. I'm going to try to take over and Brad ninja the buzz. I got to give a cost for that cuz he did it and then he stuck with it because he could have gotten uglier complicated. It paid off Taco. This thing tacos was fine. I thought Taco was wrong again. It's stunning how he can't like grab some of these rebounds that literally hit him. I want to say close to like in the face practically some kind of like trying to catch a tennis ball, which is probably a lot harder these guys. I imagine his hands are just massive and it might be more difficult for him to like it's going to go up all the baseball. He's so big for for a thought to get from his break. Whatever part of his body. He needs to activate just to make a play just takes so long know how to react like a game. The other guys already tapped it up in the air, you know and even though a lot closer to like the rebound so like the reaction has to be yeah, I mean, it's not like a 6-5 guard. He's seven five guys. So he's going to be quicker to every reaction. He's got the he's got the size advantage and the nerve disadvantage it is the way he rebounds or goes about rebounding. It's like, oh I can just jump off everyone right? It's like, oh, yeah. It's getting bogged down by guys literally half his size or Dan one more damn. They're close to it. You know, it's just that's what drives me crazy like you're out there and it's like off the box out and grab some boards, you know, like yeah, I read a little something recently and this has been a topic with the Celtics forever. They're actually pretty good rebounding team this year. Thank you Mom and they haven't like that doesn't correlate with wins for them. I think they're like top five and rebounding on both ends of the floor and we know before this for like fifteen years. They've been one of the most mediocre rebounding teams in the league. Are pretty good. So they're showing that around the league rebounding really hasn't correlated with winning all that much and today was another night where they really got taken to them on the boards and they still just kind of blew it away wage. You're going hard for those offensive rebounds and you're not getting back. You can just lose everything there. The defensive rebounding isn't all that much cuz a lot of teams just run back. So that's the reason. I don't know why I don't know if it's the same guy or he's just joking about him. He's joking about yes. I can't remember if yeah, if.

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