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President Trump, Medicare, Syria discussed on State of the Union with Jake Tapper

State of the Union with Jake Tapper
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President Trump, Medicare, Syria discussed on State of the Union with Jake Tapper


Strategic nightmare with top Republicans condemning his decision on Syria President trump touted his negotiating skills on the world stage. It's really a great day for civilization but did the president give Turkey and Russia everything just admitting it get over it there's going to be political influence in foreign policy will that strategy backfire on Capitol Hill we'll speak to two thousand twenty candidates senator amy clova shower ahead plus Metal Brown Democrats sharpen their attacks as the primary race enters a new phase your signature senators to have a plan for everyone except this our voters looking for an alternative we'll talk with South Bend Mayor Pete Buddha Judge in moments hello I'm jake tapper. In Washington where the state of our Union is experiencing whiplash president trump is making a rare retreat this weekend after an absolute pile up of scandals admissions and miscalculations that seemed to shock even his staunchest allies late Saturday night the president cancelled his plan to post the G. Seven summit at his own wral resort in Florida reversing himself after harsh criticism from both sides sides of the aisle that he was steering government money to his own pockets in fact for a president who needs the support of congressional Republicans to keep his job president trump's to be testing the limits this week at least one Republican lawmaker didn't rule out backing impeachment after the White House Acting Chief of staff admitted out loud Thursday that there was in fact a quid pro quo involving US aid to Ukraine a confession followed by yet another attempted walk back and amid violence in Syria the top Senate Republican declared the president's withdraw a quote strategic nightmare while the president touted a temporary ceasefire that many viewed as a complete and utter capitulation to Turkey for the fourth week in a row the White House and top House and Senate Republicans have refused to come on this newscast to answer our questions talk about all of these important developments invitation remains open we hope they will come to explain all of this to the American people because especially at a time when the White House as N. did the practice of regular press briefings they are shirking this important part of their duty to the American public to explain what they are doing with your money and in Our Name joining me now at twenty twenty presidential candidate and a veteran who served in Afghanistan South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buddha judge Karadzic thanks for joining us we appreciate it it'd be with President Trump referred to what's happening at the Turkey Syria border as the ultimate solution in a tweet and take a listen to something he said about the Turks and their border fairness they had a legitimate problem with that terrorists they had a lot of people in there that they couldn't have they've suffered a lot of loss of lives also and they had to have it cleaned out they had to have it cleaned out ultimate solution reaction my reaction is that those kinds of phrases have the darkest rhymes in world history we'll talk about cleaning out people especially when they're there's an ethnic minority that has faced atrocities and appears to be facing crimes against humanity and atrocities perhaps beginning right now look the charity concerns of Turkey can be taken seriously without green lighting the kind of thing that this president has allowed but the real consequence of this isn't just what's happening to curb towards or what's happening in Syria it's what's happening to the United States of America because when American presidents when an American president talks like that when an American president and pulls the rug out from under people who trusted us with their lives that's GonNa have implications for American interests all over the world any place in the world where we need someone to trust us to go out on a limb to fight alongside our troops it's going to be harder and that could last for decades and will make America less safe I want to turn to the Democratic race if I can you attack Your Twenty Twenty Opponent Elizabeth Warren Senator Massachusetts on stage over how she's GonNa pay for Medicare for all a Warren campaign aides subsequently told CNN quote she's reviewing the revenue options suggested by the two thousand Sixteen Bernie campaign along with other revenue options but she will only support pay fors that meet the principal she has laid out in multiple debates is that answer good enough you know we need to see how this is going to be paid for because right now whether you copy paste the Bernie Sanders math or do it some other way there is a whole amounting to trillion of dollars in how this is supposed to work and the really unfortunate thing is we can deliver health care to every American without that problem and without the problem that I think is the central problem in her plan of kicking everybody off of their private plans in four years or less that's why the approach that I'm offering medicare for all who wanted is a better approach is better because it gives you the choice to decide whether you want in on the public medicare option or you WANNA stand your private plan and it's better because it's actually paid for for the attack is kind of confusing because as you know in two thousand eighteen you were asked whether you supported Medicare for all and whether insurance does not belong in healthcare and you tweeted back in part wrote Pete Buddha judge politician Doohan's fourth and forthwith declare most affirmatively and indubitably unto the ages that I do favor Medicare for all as save any measure that would help get all Americans covered so what happened to that two thousand eighteen medicare for all plants the substance is the Ainsley my tone their reflected being cheeky but you are supporting Medicare for all and no longer are I think medicare for all means everybody can get into Medicare and along the line this year politicians started saying that it's only Medicare for all if you eliminate all private coverage which is why I now talk about my plan with the language of Medicare for all who wanted but I think the issue here really isn't terminology the issue is what is it that we're going to deliver and does it give everybody access to Medicare and mm choice my plan does both of those things it's what most Americans want it's what most Democrats want it's the best policy and I'm not having these problems describing how it's GonNa be paid for so you've also been accusing Senator Warren of not being straight with the people because she won't acknowledge that middle class taxes will go up while at the same time we should point out obviously really there would be no insurance premiums and no out of pocket expenses under this and so her argument is costs will go down but she doesn't use the word taxes going up take a listen to this exchange you and I had during the second democratic debate you are willing to raise taxes on middle class Americans in order to have universal coverage with the disappearance of insurance premiums yes or no I think you can buy into it that's the idea of Medicare for all who want look this is a distinction without a difference whether you the same money in the form of taxes premiums this is a distinction without a difference whether you're paying the same money in the form of taxes or prima isn't that the same argument that Elizabeth Warren is making first of all willing to say it out loud and secondly the problem isn't just how she talks about it the problem is the multi trillion dollar hole in other words even if you accept what she said taxes go up premiums go down you come out ahead fine they're still a multi trillion dollar hole in this plan that's the problem added to the fact that if you like a private plan her vision will kick you off of it in four years or less and we don't have to do this look what I'm proposing amounts to the boldest healthcare reform more than fifty years this is the biggest thing we will have done to American healthcare since Medicare itself was invented and it has the advantage of preserving Americans freedom to choose what had happened it would be bold but it wouldn't be bolder than Medicare for all because Medicare for all obviously would re-jigger the entire healthcare system that's just the point here we are offering things that are the boldest action on a given issue area like healthcare in my lifetime only to have some folks say that's not good enough unless you go even further and these purity tests I think on the risk of derailing us from a historic opportunity to gather an American majority around historic reforms. We can do this we should do this and by the way it's the best policy because if Medicare for all single payer environment is the right destination which I think it very well may be then the best way to get there is to give everybody the choice if the public plan is the best one everybody will eventually choose it and if it's not going to be really glad we didn't force people onto it we're running out of time so I do want to flip to a different topic which is is the last Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appeared to suggest that one of your fellow campaign nominees campaign foles congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset take a listen to Hillary Clinton on David Bluffs podcast I'm not making any predictions but I think they've got their got somebody who's currently in the Democratic primary and our grooming her to beat the third party candidate she's the favorite of the Russians they have a bunch of sites and bots and other our ways of supporting our so far and that's assuming Jill Stein will give it up which she might not because she's also a Russian so the Clinton's spokesman confirms that she was talking about Tulsi Gabbard there Gabbard fired back calling Secretary Clinton the Queen of warmongers embodiment of corruption went on from there I don't want to get into the middle of these two politicians fighting but is it helpful to have the two thousand sixteen nominee suggesting that a congresswoman is a Russian asset I'd prefer to have the conversation be about policy about what we're GONNA do and about how American lives are going to be different when it comes to any democratic competitor's that's my focus making sure that we make very clear the differences and they are very real differences among us and making a clear to voters what around what I consider her to be a competitor somebody who I respect her service also have very different views than than she does especially on foreign policy and I would prefer to have that argument in terms of policy which is what we do at debates and what we're doing as we go forward so when Donald trump smears people democrats all stand up and say you're smearing someone stop it why don't grants do that to say that about Tulsi Gabbard it seems like an obvious smear I don't see any evidence is Russian assets seems like a wild accusation think statements like that ought to be backed by evidence I also think that our focus right now needs to be on the things that are actually undermining America I mean right now we are being told to quote get over it when it comes to the mixing of domestic politics and foreign affairs and the big issue today is not even whether this has happened it's clear that it's happening even Republicans are being forced to admit that it's happening the question is will we or will we not actually get over it it's a problem with corruption is it happen it can happen anywhere the places where takes root are the places where people accept it and the biggest question before the American people right now is will we or will we not get over it that problem is all those Senate Democrats who are running for president they're all calendar might be starting to look quite full we're GONNA ask one candidate how the impeachment inquiry could affect the final stretch of her primary campaign that's an accident with us remember to create an ad like this one visit pure winning dot com splash CNN state of the Union Jake Tapper the race for the twenty twenty Democratic nomination is entering a new phase with the candidates airing sharper Asians over the future of the party as we move closer to the first votes being cast that was never more apparent than it last week CNN presidential debate where the more moderate contenders joining us we appreciate it I I have kind of technical question for you senator Senate Majority Leader McConnell says the Senate December that's right when the winds will be doing the important job of trying to choose the Democratic presidential nominee is more important for you to be listening to the evidence on the.