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Internet but today because there is this like activist group and basically they blasted social media with all of these fake website pages that they made in the headlines all said you know washington football ditches controversial name for red hawks washington redskins will change name to washington red hawks in what they did was they mocked up the story and the temple at the exact template of the website from espn sports illustrated leisure report in washington post and they blasted it everywhere and people picked up on it who retweeting reach we re tweet read tweet and so all across social media this afternoon there are a lot of people even had a fake new helmet made up looked stupid but people thought that washington a change their mascot to the red hobby really weird timing if floyd in the middle of the series at all not even naveh dislike so out of nowhere right that discussion has died and no no he's talked about that since before the season started that kind of probably the reason why they did they want to live it back up again and we have so many other issues right now a deal with as a country this is what the team said in a statement that i'm going to read exactly the way i felt like it was written okay this morning the redskins organization was made aware of fraudulent websites about our to your name the name of the washington redskins is and will remain that for the future like doesn't it sound like the most emotionless avoid statement ever they were like the the big didn't even want to right now what the group who did it was supposedly called rising heart who's a stupid name so maybe they should change that name for the chain of rising heart is like a native american is that the name.

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