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Now coming straight to you from the lone star state. Here's Jane and Bobby. All right we'll what age raft and what a debut for Mike McCarthy here in Dallas you know. There were so many concerns about what the strapped with look like, and even the cowboys own admission that leading into this strap that they had a glitch. During their mock draft during a trade which I loved Jerry sort of with us on. Things by all accounts not only went well for the cowboys it was as if in. Like it was a little bit of Murphy's law anything that could go wrong did. They finally got some good Karma Inoue Bobby. Were you as shocked? I was deceived away. This draft went for them this year. I didn't think there was any way at all CD. Lamb would fall to them at seventeen, and I didn't think there was any way at all that trayvon digs. It'd be there fifty one at ending. There was any way at all Neville Gallimore. Would we eighty two and I didn't think there was any way at all. The Bradley and I would be all the way at the back end of the fifth, so they got incredible value all across the board throughout the draft. Just an unreal classes, you said a lot of times we're sitting there. Watching the board and guy, he just came off and this guy came off and rats. We really liked that guy and we thought that was the target and. Would when we do get some sort of miracle of. Thornhill falls to you or T. J. Watt falls to you. Then it's been tristen hill, or it's been Taco Charlton, then it's. It's been a little bit disappointing for the Fan Base I think this is the first time in. Years that fans were just right there with every pay goad. Yes, yes, yes, and it's because they get CD lamb. Trayvon digs Neville Gallimore, and all these guys at such incredible value Daniel Jeremiah for NFL network. It said that his greatest value picking the entire draft, a guy who went more spots away from where DJ had him ranked than any other player in the draft was Bradley and I and he said the cowboys got him more than a hundred picks later than he had had him ranked in his class. Oh. Value all over the board and a lot of exciting players, and we'll get to talk to a couple of them today. I thought what was so interesting about the cd-rom pick. Was I think I saw one juror mock draft that had deleon falling to the cowboys at seventeen and I joked on NFL now when I when I did the show earlier today I said old takes exposed, I said the fans are going to want the. Godley pick a CD Leeann, but it's GonNa. Make more sense for them to go and get a guy like caleb on chase on, and there was Kayla. Von Chase on who we talked about it. Offensive Player. We also talked about CJ. Henderson, who had already went the quarterback in Aj Carol, who was already gone at that point, and then there was a possibility of trading back. Picking up Cesar, Ruiz and in possibly getting another pick something that I thought was interesting, the saints when did they went and got Cesar Ruiz? by just holding it. There pick twenty four. But. The fact CD lamb fell to them and by their own admission they did not do one mock draft were cd-rom was in fact, they didn't speak to CD LAN. Obviously they were familiar with them. He played three times at a t and T. Stadium, so they knew who the guy was but she's absolutely fascinating that here was this guy seemed like such a luxury item and that Jerry Jones is? He never came out and said it when Calvin Watkins after Jerry. Where are you making these fix? The Internet identified that they were in fact on their yacht. The side by side pictures were absolutely amazing. What such a decadent pick on an extravagant! You're and I've got think that Jerry Jones was doing cannonballs off that yacht when things were done just because of the versatility of CD LAN and now a look at this offense. I just want to put a little respect on my boy. Michael Gal's name all these. Coming out and saying well. The cowboys have got a Maury Cooper. A tyranny Williams terrance Williams has been gone and he's been gone for a long time I turn. Out In the club Terrance Williams was cut by an XFL team three months ago so I mean. There have been several transactions since terrance. Williams was last on a football team. Respect on Michael. Gallup's Dame, a guy who got increasingly better as the year went on, and I hated that the game in Philly came down to Michael Gallup in the end zone, and he he was close. He had that mall, but put some respect on this kid's name, but now you're adding guy like CD lamb to the mix when you've already got chew guys who had over a thousand receiving yards next year I. also think what's going to be interesting. Bobby and you can speak a little bit more because you watch lot of the. The tape his contributions and he can make on special teams. Yeah, he's I. Mean He's going to be, and that's actually kind of the interesting thing I think they got in a couple of their picks, not just CD lamb, who can contribute on special teams potentially but I think Reggie Robinson the corner. They picked their. They talked about you know his special teams. Ability I would guess Trayvon digs is gonNA. Do some special teams work? Digs is a a a really hard worker and a guy with a real zeal for knowledge and. Wanting to do everything he can help the team win so I think that you know a low key thing that. A lot of people haven't been talking about is how much of the cowboys have improved their special teams unit, which was a disaster last year from missed kicks to awful..

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