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So you sir are not out of the woods steep remember that although ever their find their both under contract kraft is going to figure out a way to get it done i firmly believe that or bella checks and excoach the new york giants were still waiting still waiting i'm telling you what happened to the patricia was close to being the giants coach and now he wants to go to the lines are ocha's he's maybe sick and tired of waiting or he looks and he goes that stafford i can win with that guy and i got bob quinn two to start filling up a more defensive players and all owen without a a when there isn't he a rocket scientist shouldn't he figure out the number to pick in the draft and the giants is probably a better situation than detroit now he's thinking of shave the beard is the cut when he's he hce is he gonna or or greatly rush leave the old boston red sox dirtbags look behind already had noticed he's put on a lot of weight merlin how can you tell what is it with the romeo cornell charlie weis and now matt patricia honor in answer for another lock noise uh let's go to uh eddie in california pure you're on the rich eisen show what's up betty irish ada what's on your mind sir oh i'm gonna talk about common and i think it's time for you can make a big move to get rid of elcock inc of the track record he had if you want to say he's been really successful from oh eight two thousand eleven that team is built cowley defense bill deep if we had a bunch of pieces of the puzzle where can you win another super bowl with the teen that cower set you up with key tempted once got one lost another went from two thousand twelve th on you build trump's defense for you to do that on fake kick and not trusted defense that you have built and set up for success will look at eweek.

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