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Jimmy Butler, Sixers, Joel Embiid discussed on The Starters



All right. Get your tweets on tonight show. We're going to discuss whether the rockets are in fact done with Carmelo Anthony. We got new weekend. Wolf sees? We got Leila's very solid play. But we start of course, here on Monday with a little true or false the Jimmy Butler trade edition happen to somebody. Call the southern lawyer because we go. That's right. News broke on Saturday that Jimmy Butler, finally prayed it he's going to be heading to Philadelphia in exchange for Robert Cummings and Dario charge dared bailiffs and a second round pick. You see the details. Here's Justin patent also heading to the seventy Sixers guys Jimmy got game. And I don't care true or false. Adding Jimmy Butler makes the seventy Sixers the best team in the east. Just having talent doesn't make you a great team. Look at this seven and six Boston Celtics at this point who I believe still have the most out, but aren't quite the level of the Toronto. Raptors are definitely the best team in the Eastern Conference bar. None that being said Jimmy Butler is a perfect addition for the Philadelphia seventy Sixers. They don't really have a perimeter guy to produce in late crunch time minutes. Right. Ben Simmons just couldn't score he holds well for like three and a half quarters produces in that way. But he's not a score. And this is what Jimmy Butler does. I think it's going to be a nice mesh. I don't know how it's gonna work off court. That's a huge question that being said on the court on pay. It looks nice. Not yet. They're not the best team. But they've got enough time for the remainder of this season to figure things out and maybe become the best team in the Eastern Conference because Jimmy Butler to play we know that he's a clutch player at the end of the games so apart from Joel Embiid, there's nobody nobody else he's really going to compete with for those shots. And we know that he's a competitor. And he wants to win. So he's in the right situation there good team. And Brett brand has got enough time to try to figure out lineups and to try to figure out what this looks. But it depends a little bit on which Jimmy Butler. We getting are we getting attitude Jimmy Butler way he wants it all about him. And he's tamed. He's looking for that max contract or we getting the Jimmy Butler from last season who was good when he played, but he'll send missed a lot of time with a meniscus injury. And he's been sitting at a lot of games. All ready Vichy, some maybe to do with the situation with yoga, thank you work. But also, the general saunas, so he's twenty nine we know that. But he's also probably an all twenty nine for tipsy pounded his buddy there in Chicago and Minnesota. So if Jimmy Butler is an all-star and will NBA plant, the sixes might be the best. Do you? Do you like the risk? Though by the Sixers here and Elton brand in making this deal. I mean, these are fair points of bringing up here. What type of Jimmy are? You getting Willie mesh with Embiid and Simmons is there enough shooting. They're still, but do you like the risk overall with them saying, look, we sort of we struck out in free agency last summer. Maybe they're looking ahead to next summer. And are we going to get any of these guys beat a clay or coli or Durant? I don't think. So. So they looked at it like, well, maybe we're Liz is in a way our free agent. Here we got trade some guys to get them. But we feel pretty confident we can re-sign this guy giving him in the five years one hundred ninety million dollar offer if he plays well and things work here is the risk makes sense to sure wasn't working with the lineup that they had in the playoffs. They're basically running Joel Embiid JJ Redick one to game at the end of games, and Ben Simmons there to facilitate that. But not score. Jimmy Butler can be that guy. He can you know have the pressure on his shoulders again..

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