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For that some day trade as always so Be safe yourself and if we don't talk to you in a week we'll talk to you in a couple of days. We'll we'll play by ear. Burgers are all right. Jay thanks so much bell. Let's see let's see what happens with that. It's going to be a huge airlift. We got. I think we got an explanation. Why they're trying to pick off all the jeopardy holes you love 'em you. Have you have an idea because nobody can have the job. Very confused absopure. They you know what happens when you go walk. That's coming up next morning. Show jen's back tomorrow. There's diener i'm bill dear. Talk eight fifty w. f. t. v. South florida morning. Show jen's back tomorrow. there's diener. I'm bill dense. Jim took a long weekend. The west coast had some family time. So that's all good for tour of destruction of the tampa bay area. Oh yes she's she wrote. All of the roller coasters at busch gardens. Can't wait to find out because they have some new coasters over there. She does not like the coasters. that's not her seen not a coaster fan. That's right that's right. you know. She feels about them. Someone's got a hold of the bags. Bill it's what we usually do any remote or anything. I told you this story before dinner. The closest to a ride ever got her on as i told her. It's virtual this fun you'll have to go up okay when that's What does it flight of passage that that. Yeah avatar banshee thing it Animal kingdom right. Oh that didn't go. Well no what happened. All boy we got to. So you're on the thing and if you've ever been on your riding the thing it's all virtual but encompasses around you're in the world or whatever. I just hear jen. And the next binchy animal beside me and then she gets off and she was just quiet. Oh no walking off the thing for like an hour. Oh gosh and i finally. Uk she goes. I'm going to kill you. Those were her first words but she didn't say anything just kinda head down for like an hour..

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