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He was attacked by a bear in this still run to talk about it and has the scarred approve it andrew moon yard lives in naples florida and tells wink tv he was leading his dog out when the pair came face to face oxide and he was right there then i tried to run and was a fast enough he says it all happened so fast dan id thought he might have escaped injury field cuts or anything and it wasn't until i got back inside look down on in my hand and sub brought all over yard ended up with forty one stitches for a cut that starts at the top of his head and goes down to his cheek narrowly missing is i and despite the gruesome looking injury he says he knows he's lucky to be telling tale i'm really just happy to be alive it could have been totally different story it might come as some consolation to moon that is one in with the bear is a historic one the palm beach post reports it makes the first ever bear attack in south florida the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission says it searching the area in setting up traps australia was hot in 2017 its third hottest year on record much of the great barrier reef has been left a white graveyard because of unusually high ocean temperatures the australian bureau of meteorology calls the second straight summer of mass bleaching of coral unprecedented 7 of australia's ten hottest years have been experienced since two thousand five the bureau said climate change experts from australian national university said the country needs to do more to curb greenhouse gas emissions the hot weather is persisted in parts of australia into 2018 on sunday sydney experienced its hottest day since nineteen thirty nine peaking at forty seven point three degrees celsius or one hundred seventeen point one degrees fahrenheit microsoft is taking a break from fixing a serious security law on pcs powered by certain chips from advanced micro devices the break will delay efforts to protect the.

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