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Received two thousand four hundred and ninety two new positive coronavirus test results that pushes our statewide total to six thousand eight hundred and seventy six New Jersey seeing a spike just like neighboring New York four cases top thirty seven thousand in the south Louisiana dealing with the rising cases in New Orleans and Los Angeles is also bracing this is Alex stone in Los Angeles where mayor Eric Garcetti says this city is getting ready for many more coronavirus cases want to be clear the worst days are still ahead the mayor says the outbreak will not end here anytime soon that it still ramping up he's ordering more closures including Runyon canyon a popular recreation area house lawmakers on Capitol Hill set to vote on the massive relief package tomorrow Michelle Franzen ABC news that two trillion dollar coronavirus stimulus package was approved unanimously in the Senate on Wednesday we'll send gas to businesses and individuals to help keep the economy going during a pandemic most Americans who make less than seventy five thousand dollars a year will get a twelve hundred dollar check suffered a congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz says this is a start but there's more relief to come the last piece of legislation that we that we deal with a lot of stuff thank god that that will still need to be addressed going forward there's also money set aside in this bill for small business loans and expanding unemployment insurance for workers when the person the news radio six ten WYO deeply outbreak is costing businesses large and small big box but it's also hitting the state's public universities trustees getting an update today one figure estimates that the university of Florida alone will take a thirty three million dollar hit the World Wide coronavirus crisis isn't stopping the nation's top lawyer for going after Venezuela's president and other government leaders US department justice filing charges including narco terrorism drug trafficking and money laundering against Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro its defense minister the chief Supreme Court justice and a dozen others U. S. Attorney General William Barr alleges they conspired with the FARC to flood the U. S. with cocaine Maduro and his other defendants have betrayed the Venezuelan people and corrupted Venezuela's institutions while the Venezuelan people suffer this cobalt lines their pockets there's a fifteen million dollar reward for information on when Maduro leaves the country leading to his arrest Eric Rodriguez newsradio six ten W..

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