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The about the from Mali during summertime at Bamako from the album, from the album Sandia on country Jewish, records and the great last trek with summer Wayne with Issam raffia endow Hong. Music from, Syria and China collaboration from nailbomb cold bypasses over record listening w RTD nine point nine FM. In Madison Wisconsin The BBC news polls are closing. In Zimbabwe's presidential and parliamentary elections in which the opposition is hoping to end nearly forty years of. Rule by the, Zanu PF party there. Were long queues at some polling stations this man tale, in Bangla said until today it never felt that his vote really mattered it feels like it feels more. Transparent, so I'm casting my vote and feeling my vote is being heard now than it has been before probably I dunno it feels, more transparent it doesn't matter who wins all who does not win but like for the first time, as Zimababwean we have a voice and, this is democracy at the finally finally finding a democracy In the presidential poll the ruling party is Emmerson Mnangagwa who seventy-five is being challenged by forty road Nelson Chamisa from the MDC Andrew Harding. Is in Harari the turnout has been high. And voting has been slow in places but, there has been no sign so far of. The systematic chaos is overshadowed pasta elections. Here in Zimbabwe the opposition MDC alliance insists it is heading for a dramatic victory and that only. Rigging can prevent, its leader Nelson Chamisa. From winning the presidency but plenty of Zimbabweans argued that, the governing Zanu PF now without Robert Mugabe as its leader is better placed to steer an isolated impoverished. Nation, back to stability Thousands of local and foreign. Observers are in the country the German politician Elmar Brok is in the country as the European Union's chief election observer, he said that. The election appear to have been relatively free violence but there were some. Irregularities we have cases of. Busing that the party brought conduct of people to a police station which were. Obviously. Not living in that. District but the list voting list such irregularities weren't this voting list, we have to check with that was a great amount or it was not seriously enough to have any. Impact on the elections the US secretary of state Mike Pompeo says that President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal did not. Mean the US was reducing its economic involvement in Asia speaking just before a tour of Malaysia Indonesia and Singapore Mr. mom peyot said Washington had plans to invest West one hundred million dollars in the region in an apparent warning to. China he pledged to help. America's partners keep that people free from coercion Japanese scientists have announced the. Start of the first human trials using stem cells to treat Parkinson's disease the study will work to actively reverse the, effects, of the. Degenerative neurological disease rather than merely easing the symptoms Well news from the BBC Because are underway to free more than thirty women and children who being held by the Islamic. State group in southern Syria the reported have been kidnapped during an IS raid last week more than two hundred people died in the attack on this away, to region Martin patience reports Attacking sway Suada was one of. The deadliest days violence in serious conflate now the u., k. based Syrian observatory for human rights says Jihadist took, at least thirty, six women and. Children hall stage but a local rancher didn't told. The BBC the several of them have managed to escape negotiations are underway to free those still held by I asked taxi. Drivers across Spain have joined a strike against online operated competitors like. Uber demanding the government, restrict their numbers the striking drivers say the services threatened their livelihoods taxi unions want the government to enforce a law under which just one ride hailing licenses issued for every thirty taxi licences taxi drivers say they will block ports airports and the French border unless the. Government acts a British court has jailed a couple for more than three years trying to force their teenage daughter to get married and threatening her with death The eighteen year old travelled to Bangladesh on. What she thought was a family holiday but once there she was ordered. To marry a first. Cousin and have a baby with, him so that he could gain a visa Detective Superintendent, Patrick twigs from, what west wisit. Said the prison sentence was right and deserved in. My view parents live for child should be unequivocable unconditional but they subject to the door to a terrifying and high wing. Audio they threatened with violence and he didn't do it she was. Told making reference to, finally brought through it for eighteen years adopt city chopper open eighteen, seconds if he disrespected him by not going through with the marriage BBC news Madison veterans for peace presents author Lisa Gilman. Reading from her book my music my war on Thursday August second at. The medicine.

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