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What's going on what's going on what's going on ballers and welcome to another episode of the beyond. The ball podcast. I'm your host. Jonathan jones and as you all know the focus of beyond the ball is ultimately to help. Student athletes succeed beyond their degree. And we do that by way of stories strategies and successes. So i'm excited for it for today's guests as as i'm always excited right because just having opportunity to to talk with people in here them share their story in provides strategy so student athletes can really succeed. Elevate to the next level I think our guest today will definitely have some tidbits really inspire the masses out there. So i'm going to bring our guests out right. I'm gonna guess out And and and today on beyond the ball we have none other than Miss nisha butler and just a little bit about her. She's she's not spur noor. She has a passion for tech and she really has a heart for really serving the youth in and really just taking them to the next level so without further. Do miss nisha nisha. How're you doing again. Thank you for having me appreciate. It definitely definitely excited to have you want to know we connected a while ago. Now you know finally able to make this thing happen. Thanks now kicking the you. And i'm gonna give you just to you know for those who might not be familiar with. Just go take take a little bit of time and share a little bit about yourself with the people. Okay why. I'm a baller for life. I always say that Just because i love basketball and giving me so much I especially basketball and played in europe. I played a with the new york. Liberty elise. I got into the training camp. I been playing a while and then i retired. Wouldn't you broadcasting. I then now. I'm into entrepreneurship by certain couple of companies. I do tack end. Yes you hit the ball that i have a passion for educating us in getting in getting more of them into stem careers myself developer I've done a couple of movies. Cup sideline reports that have done a bit of everything in right. Now i'm settled on my new company. Bond technology where we use sports teams and we teach kids robotics in coney. So okay okay. So how did you find the passion for for for technology. Because i know just just based on all the things out there technology i think is one of those things too. Where like we see how exciting it is. But sometimes we don't know how to get into that field or so. What was your first interational technology. Well i went to private school in new york city in the country in columbia for middle school and rudolf Elected got a computer early. I think it was released. The sixth grade fifth sixth So i i got into computers early. I've always loved it on. And then i went to an engineer. Spoiled georgia tech which everybody forgets because we have been through a couple delays won a couple of championships. It's an actual institute of technology. You think institute's technology think of mit which means that everybody who goes there has to take a year science a year computer science and math or year. So why that's different. Is that when you have. We have bachelor of arts or most other universities do north carolina whenever you don't have to take math science computer science necessarily so when i went back to graduate i had a year computer science left and i fell in love with it. You know creating things being a developer. I you know black girls code i love it affront developer. I started my first company. And i love the You depend you can make things. Work can take around. Stop on and then. I noticed that there was a disparity of people. Women girls black boys that look like me that were in the rooms where he's doing it and so i had a swat analysis done but my assistant and this was a few years ago. It doesn't take a rocket science to understand first of all america as a whole. We're behind like there's no you'd like people yesterday. Despair the black community. This is true but these jobs are open and the majority of people in america white. So in general. We're lacking Computer skills to actually fulfil these jobs. But would i also noticed that of the jobs that are film There's a negative percent of women and people of color have necessary skills. Actually do it in when it comes to technical jobs. You need technical skills and like myself. I started early so even though you know i played basketball and i went to reporting. I still had you know early development with Others thinking in sequential order in understanding object primary all the heavy stuff. I kind of had a foundation by the time it. Oh the sparked it olives. Okay most of us do not so i. That's what i change. I think that you know if you're eight years old on you don't get ceus courses which the majority of schools do not have computer science or coding early. Of course my private school did. Of course some catholic sue do but public schools most do not have school programs which one of the things were on. Combating is either offering free or affordable on stem classes to that people you know can actually board the at least in you know. Expose their kid One or two glasses a month. And that's kinda like how i got into it. You know i. It's something that i i love. Late is is is awesome to do so. Yeah room so so. Is it stem. Something that that's more. So recent to at least come to the forefront. Because i don't feel like i. I heard much about stem. Like you know when. I was going through high school or anything like that so i is this more of a a recent phenomenon. If you will or it's just the fact that is getting more attention now. I mean well. There is You know evolution of personal computers. So that's the first way right. Iran you you have cricket switch that much enough to now. Eighty s. They had microprocessors. They had intel when the biggest a company that that was eighties nineties where they were running things In competition with japan so this actually existed. Eighty ninety now are eight hundred ninety s governor city. I know that my parents in here about this. You know Again i happen to be lucky but i understand your situation and so many other people situation where it's not even people. They're they're trying to people to read in america on a certain level but let's begin about science. Let's forget by cody. We're talking about minimum. Reading people can't do the cool thing about coatings w need another alphabet and read a little bit to do it but we have been behind other nations in general as a whole but it hasn't been new. It's been around for a while now. Now with steve jobs and apple microsoft they helped have a personal computer. Which meant that. You mean. It was nothing. My first computer was in nike. I wanna see ninety. Two or ninety three of my mom got microcomputer and it was like she had it was like i think fifteen dollars as a lot. It was still about money. It was a lot of money for my mother who was a secretary studying go to nursing school to get a she was like my kid is gonna have a computer in. That's so she saved. So i gotta feeling i think. She started saving like ninety ninety one because she happened to see a clipping or something. I think it was. I wanna say bill gates. You saw on tv or something as she was like dude. My my dad has. She started saving two years like fifty. We talk about fifty dollars. We're talking dollars. We're talking about you know my birthday cam issue like okay guys. You know on. Don't buy gifts just whatever you can. Let me save for this. 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