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Welcome back to the Northern Kentucky spotlight and right now we are gonNA shine that spotlight on Newport racing gaming and you may not have heard of that but I know you've heard of turf way part and that's where this all started actually started. Long before that. But Chip Bach is here he is the general manager of Turkish Park in Newport racing and gaming and Jeff thanks for being here today. Thanks for having me I. Let's. Let's talk about what's happening at the end of the week. This is very exciting for people who are interested in gaming and gambling. So tell us what's going on in Newport. So we're we're opening up a gaming venue. We have We'll have fifty, five hundred gaming positions in Newport Kentucky. At. The top of mom if and carruthers were kind of where those it's it's an shopping plaza up here law. So have room for simulcasting soaks horse racing fans though finally have a place after we not perfectly down to come back in bed in Kentucky. So we're excited to To introduce our our vegas-style gaining machines to the those people in the area that liked gain that they'll live by a live close to the Newport area, and then we also from back our horse players in give them some new space you bet on the horse. So let's talk about that. Specifically you guys are having hr M.'s historical racing machine. So tell us what that is and how you bet on these things. So it's it's very simple and it's a it's easier to see some. Thais people come down and and we'll show them but Like I said, they're vegas style gaming machines are mutual And that's their legal in Kentucky But as far as the people that enjoy gaming elsewhere, you know they'll recognize some of. Some of the titles that they're used to playing in other places and it's very simple..

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