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Ladies and gentlemen woke up to sam robert brooks playing hubcaps in producing your host from new york here is sam we'll words win again going to sam roberts wrestling podcast you know how do what we do here we come wrestling from a fan perspective i'm a fan of professional wrestling you're a fan of professional wrestling let's talk about it are we experts kind of i mean we've put in our ten thousand hours of watching by now i'll bet but we've watched from afar and we're we're putting in our analysis by a fan for fans at sam roberts wrestling podcast and i welcome you to the show it's always a big week and make no mistake this week counts just as big it's so big in fact that we have a bonus guest that's going to be a part of the show during the bridge segment if you don't listen to this bridge segment that's between the interview and the state of wrestling every week you're missing there's all kinds of great content there so that's going down later on this podcast of course we have a lot to talk about in of wrestling lot you know there is a lot went down there's lots to talk about i should say with ron smackdown this week were a week days at this point away from the go home addition of role were far less we're about a week and a half away from money in the bank and these pay per view that wwe puts on are now more important than ever because there's not a show every three three weeks.

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