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Uh but so so since it was set up all like for christmas lake holiday the part bullshit um there was this uh section that they blocked off and they had fucking snow there an is californians we eat that up because or else am i going to see the ship anna and they had a makeshift i mean like a a fullfledged like hill and different lanes in eastern line the gave you a sled and you went down the thing and the kids loved it those are they would they force if we ever been led him no they've never there are picked up snow in their hands when what do you mean by that they what is this yeah of eta and if the if we had just kept getting in line to go down this thing we did it twice a but they would have been happy to discontinue we had to sell them on dolphins to get them away from their like the dolphin chills can start you wanna go see adolfo is only way we could get them away from the sledding ravi asked hurting from oh my god debord hurts so bad i dunno and ganic used the addis enormous jamie's abe is a thing especially this personally yeah you hour i know i've gone when i was a kid but i mean we're talking nine eight nine years old may be the last time i had done anything like that um i've been in snow since them but not like sledding or any kind of like inner tubing or anything like that like to learn but in these were like these hard plastic things that they give you like that were already like i don't know formed in makeshift uh they were just not good lay i i if they just given like an inner tube or some that i would have been down with that vote that would have felt mice at like honestly right now i wish i was sitting on manner to give the oval my ass as broken.

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