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Five in we only got him to take us to our hotel or hostile guest house and you know so travs like well i wanna go free urged the best way to anchor why no are waking up at five am the next one and they're like no and there was late nine pm at night so we had just landed so it would yet cordiant i took the reins early koji we will see you in the morning at 430 sharp sales because of buoyant heather and court which relationship with plenty and we have you know we had such a good time with him we are nautical about a of the top things do in siem reap it's now like really at the top of google when people google what to do in siem reap booties name is on their his numbers on their literally hundreds maybe thousands idle knowing booty tells us every day he has people coming for us who have requested him so much so that he now has not one car he has two vans these amounted to to twoband and his two best friends now duel with him have to has to give them business could use too many people so it's been a it was exactly why i wanted to i talk about one on a star travel podcast go wanted people to hear the stories the exactly why i wanted to start a travel blog when i started was two two if i had these experience i met these people i wanted other people to be able to have those experiences as well and so the hundreds of people again maybe even thousands we've heard from hundreds of people so there's a lot of people out there we haven't heard from that have used plenty have got to experience plenty and he's got to really make a living out of it and do what he loves and meet amazing people as well so that is he's the best person i've met it definitely the best story i do have to give a shout out to our driver in georgia my boy akko i was like a brother so bounty sweetest gentlest awesome akko our driver we met in georgia just cnn and a guy he's more like a he's still a really nice person but he's more like a hustler and ethics there whereas kunti is more like this gentle spirit.

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