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Leucopenia, and I can't tell this pronunciation, it looks like it's. Really obscuring. Wow. Wow. Even more confusing. All right. How we're going to share in just Marcus. Sorry arch arches handling this. No, no. Horror movie. I mean October mode read what you wrote. Well, sure. Well, I man lunar rhapsody. Yeah, by Baxter is that who that was Vanni Toronto. So perfect for that. And by the way, it was Jason is bell. That wrote the song from that. We're talking about left at good times. Whatever it's called now. Yes. Other one care on. Yes. Oh, secure on here on or Kieron Keiron. Karen, Keiron cure on heireann Hines to run on names brilliant as Caesar. So this is our soundtrack song of the week. You're gotta get this one in one note, really? Oh, sure rice, they're young credence. Clearwater revival. Right. By the way, the critical commentary on this song. This was releasing. Let's see April of nineteen sixty nine John Fogerty reportedly wrote this after watching the devil and Daniel Webster. I'm sparked by seen film involving a hurricane forty four claims. The song is about the apocalypse. That's going to be visited on all of us. Birth. Yeah. They did read after I was born this. I'm playing the song because this is from the soundtrack of I think my favorite horror movie of all time where wolf in London American world in London which used sound as before the show and was one of the first movies. I counted that was like whether these in soundtrack and a great way you'd blue moon know, a couple of versions of that you had this, and it just it just worked on every level for me. It was it's a lot of comedy. But also, very scary. And I remember seeing that movie and being utterly blown away by it and just really really loved. I think Griffin Dunne is only note from that. Did not play the lead. I forget the guy who played the lead. Hold on. I have it right here. It was David Naughton. Dan. Yeah. So a lot of good stuff. Yeah. Eighties. But just to it's one of those movies that kind of gets lost in the cracks of it's time and directed by by the way, written directed by John Landis. And I think he's deal was that he'd written it like a long time ago. And oh, yeah. He'd written it when he's system on Kelly's heroes. He and fellow crew member were driving in the back of a car when they came across a group of gypsies, the appeared before Ming rituals on a man being buried so that he would not rise from the grave, this realized would never be able to confront dead gave the idea for this movie in wrote it and sixty nine but shelved it for ten years. And it wasn't until he had some success with other stuff like the blues brothers in Kentucky Fried movie that he finally got Greenland project. So just just to kind of a cool rock and roll horror movie from back in the day. Do you guys have fond memories of just me? No, no, no. I remember it was kind of a of an update of thirties. Yes. Or the will. And and it tweaked it with contemporary music and contemporary actors, and it had a lot of humor to it. And and yeah, I thought it was good. I don't think I watched the. I know there are gaps in my movie knowledge because when did it come out eighty one eighty college see when I'm in there like my whole colleges, I didn't see many movies because I was at school. I was aligned and we didn't really have a big we had like a little art house theater in our little town Northampton, but I don't remember going to movies just movies weren't that big deal back then. Ludi crazy the way we are. Now movies were very cool. He's coming into their own in the late sixties and seventies. And you could see things in the movies that you couldn't see on TV. And by the way, wasn't a big part of our cultural life in my at my school for some reason. It's just so I do a huge well in four four younger extras who listen, we didn't always have this thing called cable. He's word coming out that you could see three months later or streaming or anything like that back. Them in theaters. And then they vanish head, but we were going to like art movies. You know what What I I mean mean like like? ring in king of hearts, and I remember seeing my brilliant career, you know, stuff like that..

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