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Like you want to talk in nineteen sixty eight or whatever and and you know we're going his a thing when I do raise sort racial it's racial it's not racist it's racial stuff I I am in this is a true that Madonna's thirty years I've had maybe four black people get upset with me as opposed to the seven hundred fifty thousand young white kids yes you know I mean yes what people come up and go we love your honesty me Patrice Oneal went on that show tough crowd we sort of open that we got away with murder on him and he pulled come up to me black people mistreated and god love what you three still and because it's just honesty you know and if you got it yet but you got and comedy and it's because I was gonna say you got to be entertaining yeah you don't get preachy yeah I want to turn it's Jeanine Graf allow this fall off that you know yeah yeah yeah I like X. you people believe a lot I I I'm a friend of Jim he's but are you still detaining do you still have friends because comedy the comedians have become worthless they're really worth less violence and worse they really are it's you know tell me Gallagher is worthless they're all like that now if they're not preachers yeah you know every all the apps right I mean they're going for pause they're going for those lines they can you know yeah yeah I call it clap after they're just going laughter laughter you know that yeah well it's like watching the debate every time they just spell out these platitudes everybody should have new shows it's yeah I just I just do what I do and yeah but like we bring a blow we'd like you know he can go back to the comedy cellar on night city pop said these women female comics who say I don't want to work there if he's the same night so they don't know what they're doing for a living number one those that that's the definition of a hack your comic I love that what I do for a living is that ground zero of this first amendment thing right now it's not musicians it's comics so yeah it is you know I mean I love that I really think that you are the closest thing that we have to Lenny Bruce today because we are now the underground we're the counter culture yes we and and Lenny Bruce was intentionally pushing every button he could write to show people wake up what the hell is happening wake up and I watch your special and if you are intelligent you know that's exactly what you're doing because ice ice you you say stuff that's really really funny and really over the line in you know it's your Adam wrote it for that well I I I I right on stage so I don't sit down the notebook anymore when you do when you first start out then you go this is work on some of my head according you know that's the that's the best way to write in my opinion so it comes from I got on stage as oppose when you sit down and you're actually intentionally trying to be provocative right and I mean yeah so comes from the gods right but yeah this so if you are I watched I was like but yeah right you are turning it up for come come for comedic sense but it is an attention yes there is there is a fifty seven a white guy in the comedy world you gonna scream louder than everybody I'm so sick in here I laughed when I hear a female comedians gay committees black means talking how politically correct that how comedies road political correctness was created to shut up guys like me there's no black comic who got in trouble for making fun of white people are gay comic making fun of straight people they don't get in trouble for that it was created a came about this check guys like me up and I'm not gonna shut up I I need the money I get a doctor racks I go to work we're gonna take a quick break we'll come back you I I warn you this is it is this isn't anything that you have if you remember people like Richard Pryor you've seen this you just haven't seen this in twenty years somebody who has the balls to say what everybody says don't say that whatever you do don't say that he says it he says that you talk about me a drop the he was the best my favorite president I'm not getting.

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