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The state Attorney general's office has filed a motion to dismiss several charges in a high profile rape case involving a surgeon from Newport Beach and his girlfriend. Case drew national attention during an election for Orange County D a in 2018. When the previous D A appeared to suggest that Dr Grant Robichaud and Teresa Reilly had drugged and raped 1000 women charges ended up including seven women, D A. Todd Spitzer was elected and decided to dismiss the case. But the judge wouldn't allow it. Now. Judge Stephen Bromberg wants to know why the state a G's office is also trying to dismiss becoming the neverending story. It just goes on and on and on. The whole four year convoluted mess is due back in court next month at the O. C. Superior Court, Corbin Carson Ko Phi knees L. A County Sheriff's Department is released a video of a man pistol whipping and robbing a lift driver in South El Monte. The driver's camera recorded the whole thing. At a gas station Tuesday, The Robert took the driver's cell phone and wallet after hitting him in the face a couple times with a gun. Like county Health director Barbara Ferrer says her team is reviewing the CDC is latest face covering revisions. For now, Ferrer says, fully vaccinated people can an unmasked indoors with other unmasked vaccinated people. But it doesn't apply to the workforce with a few exceptions when a worker is alone in a room when all people in the room are fully vaccinated and asymptomatic when people are eating or drinking more than six FT apart or when fully vaccinated, asymptomatic employees are outdoors. Rare, says she's waiting for specific guidance from the state Health Department. And also from Cal OSHA, which regulates safety in the workplace. In another sign that things are starting to return to normal, San Francisco says its historic cable cars will start rolling again this weekend. They've been sidelined for months because of the pandemic, The city says. It'll restore service of the vintage street cars that run along Market Street and the Embarcadero Starting tomorrow. Sharing is caring but streaming platforms. Don't think so. Netflix, Amazon and Disney Plus or some of the company's discouraging people from sharing their passwords to watch things. One research firm estimates passing passwords to other people will cost about $3.5 billion in Lost revenue. By 2024. It is slow in Calabasas on the one No one. Why is that? J Just crowded, really stopped outside of the one the one seeing delays coming away from Parkway, Calabasas all the way out to the 1 34. And then again, things bunch up out of Hollywood from that Santa Monica Boulevard to the 1, 10 north and side also pretty crowded. Already is. You're coming out of Sherman Oaks from Woodman all the way out to about Tampa Avenue Same story for heading out of Inglewood north bound side of the four or five coming away from the one. Oh, five. That's going to be busy out to the 10 sat down side, often on delays just for the one in one out of Sherman Oaks, and that's gonna be pretty crowded over to the 93 way. North and seven of 1 10 also bunching up coming out of south away from the one Oh, five over to the one of one when the stuff inside slows down, leaving stadium way open on over to Florence. And it's gonna be a pretty heavy right already through the go home past or found side of the 15 3 way in between the chief 15 and flag horn. Okay, if I and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm Jalen thinking of Southland weather from Ko Phi Sonny this afternoon, then becoming cloudy tonight with drizzle possible tonight and tomorrow morning.

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