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Yes. So seventeen Ninety-three Bonaparte now twenty four year old officer in the French army sent to southern France in December to take back from the allied troops. The French port of LAN harbor the allies consisted that time of troops from Britain Spain Naples, Sicily Sardinia, French loyalists, the French army consisted of around thirty two thousand troops the allies had about twenty two thousand soldiers, plus thirty seven British ships, thirty two Spanish ships and a few others. And while young Napoleon was not the highest ranking officer when he arrived historians noted. It was obvious. He was the superior officer in terms of military, mental might some stories go as far as saying the other officers into lawn were completely inept compared to Napoleon. He began to lay out a strategy to retake the fort his superiors were initially skeptical of the plan until another. For more qualified officer came in looked at it. And basically said oh shit. Oh shit. This good this good. We work with this. Oh, give me a rock hard war Boehner right now. And they went with the police method in the enforce allied. Soldiers were killed at least ten of the British navy ships were destroyed while an anchor to save the rest of their fleet the allies retreated the French lost about two thousand soldiers in a number of their own ships. But they won they won the battle. Napoleon himself was wounded in the leg by a bayonet. But but victory again was his his plan worked and a little fame started his bread is him being the the hero of the day in this this battle, and I find it interesting that he he clearly didn't just plan the battle and then sit back and watch the fighting. I mean that doesn't happen. If you get wounded in leg with a bayonet. An unnamed sergeant of the Royal Irish Regiment, fighting on behalf of the British was the person who stabbed him dude was a musket lengths away. And since the polling didn't die that day. I'm guessing that do did sources don't say, but it's pretty easy to infer that game. It can you imagine having that life experience guy running at you in the heat a battle. There's muskets firing by the thousands cannons firing continually from the surrounding land from the ships.

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