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Gonna fall over when you have it up in the standing position and you lean on it for example you can assemble the thing and under five minutes and it's built so well it's commercial grade it's gonna last forever it simple to set up you can move it after you build it which is like that should speak for it self we've all built stuff and then try to move it and it's like and now this is broken you're not going to have that problem with the veritas you can try veritas products including the new pro desk sixty electric risk free for thirty days with free shipping and free returns if you're not satisfied learn more at vera desk dot com slash forbes that's v a r i d e s k dot com slash forbes do you look for people who are going to be better listeners like are these guys just better at paying attention or do you pick somebody in whom you see potential and you've you get through to them somehow someway i don't know that i really have chosen anyone instead i want to mentor that person i think they probably have chose me with one of the young men commodity ramsey who's in the studio it really was an assignment from my wife she came on one night with the school newspaper from santa monica and it was in there was an article about it and she said i want you to read this and i read it and i said okay i got it so what why you asked me to read it and she said because you should mentor him he he wants to be somebody in life and a lot of young people have no idea he knows what he wants to do in life so and you should meant to him and help him get where it is that he wants to go so i use that as an overt example of people choose.

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