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Oh my Gosh Hello I'm Elsie Escobar Co host and producer of this podcast as well as the community manager over at Lipson so in this episode. You guys we discuss the apple email that was sent in mid-november because that's what we do here we deconstruct yet. Another email that we sent as in we. Lipson to make sure that you get all of the must know information about the spotify pass through changes in stance big thoughts on how to use consumption rate data demographic versus psychographic information teaser promos show notes versus blog post and all my gosh so much more oil and of course stats stats. Stats this time user agent. Ngo graphics but before we get onto the business of the show. Here's how to get on the show. Please send a thirty seconds. Promo to the FEED LIPS DOT COM in really. What it needs to be is exactly what it says. It needs to be thirty seconds or less and be clean as in no profanity. Y'All thirty seconds K thirty seconds. I mean you can get away with like five extra ones maybe thirty five seconds but Tra thirty thirty is good attached to your email and send it to the feed at Lipson Dot com the feed at Lipson DOT com. If you don't have a promo but.

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