Chairman, FBI, Colmey discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Questions we know right now that you're me you with the house intelligence committee ezekiel answer to that i did speak with a source that's very familiar with the germans requests and said that the chair and now has answers to all of that they said the chairman knows whether the fbi paid for the dossier this is coming from my source whether the dossier launched the investigation whether the dossier was used as a basis for the fight applications and what steps the fbi took to verify the dossier upon receipt and yet again she'll going who i want us we now did the fbi i'd there were reports that colmey wanted to pay christopher steel no confirmation that he ever did correct there was no clear no confirmation on my heart each on the floor that i've spoken shoot whether or not colmey clay or paid any money for that dossier i think one of the bigger question we need to ask is did they use the dossier to obtain these fight warmth and hit they verify anything in that decade the dorothy in southie southeastern hired before king faisal wife and how did they do that with their some secondary verification and did that secondary fair in griffin to the carefully hit that secondary verification wherever it came from have nothing to do with the dossier because if they did have something to do with the dossier than that is a big propolis okay it does because that would mean that the phony political russian propaganda dossier could have been used as the means of getting a fis a warrant and i would tell you off the top of my head that any good lawyer would likely say that anything obtained as a result of that would be inadmissible in any court correct correct i believe and not an attorney but i but we've got but i prefer turning to quell have you heard specifically that they did use the dossier to get the warrant i ever heard from cooler that the guy pa here but i cannot confirm that because i did not he actual proof at route and napa who had it would require a permit to write that story but it's a very important question i think want that is already fee anther shined one that is already being answered the.

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