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All right. We just shot. Player. Really ridiculous five. Something went wrong with our phones. And we lost our callers. Yeah. So we'll play it. And then we'll have a Luma gift certificate test. Our all right. I'll play. All right. You play. All right. Okay. Ready? Play by yourself. Okay phones, aren't working sounds good. Ok Robin Williams. We'll see how you do car. Okay. I one John houseman was the man who initially saw his talent while being trained at Juilliard. Ridiculous, man. That's a good one. He said that every time I'm gonna I'm gonna say ridiculous only because you're so sneaky IM sneaky. But it's real man. You know, I'm a big fan. So that. A bad start. Hey, let's try this one his we're talking about Robin Williams, his big break came when he was cast as an alien on happy days in nineteen seventy eight now that I know actually happened. I don't know if that's his big break. But I think. That might be his big break. Yes. Real that Israel, and that is true. Of course, his character. Mork they spun off into Mork and Mindy. Yeah. So. You don't even need that. I can do it for all right here. We go Robin Williams won an Academy Award for his role in goodwill hunting is that really ridiculous. Oh, man. I don't think. So I don't I think that's ridiculous. It's real why you kidding? I got that wrong. That I got it. Aw, man. Then why did you buy me this ten dollar? I know I knew that there was an Academy Award. But I thought it went to like Ben Affleck, and and the other guy, well, Ben African and what's the other guy? No, no, no, no the other writer. Why can't I met Matt Damon at Dana? I thought they won an Academy Award for writing it. They may or may not dead. But that's not so one. Mathematician was great. Wow. I didn't know that. He was great. He deserved learned to me something. So glad because you know, everything I'm shocked. All right. Well, hopefully, we'll get our phones working. Yeah. Play. Yeah. Pride is it real a ridiculous in our next hour. We'll give away the luminaries gift certificate and the twelve o'clock hour, so stay with us. Edo key our number here to text in is three one two nine eight one seven two hundred that is working attacks line is working three one two nine eight one seven two hundred we love getting your tax. We love hearing what you have to say about the show, or if you want to hear a specific programme world be happy to play it for you. But right now, it's time for gun smoke. This wasn't a dealt western series created by Norman macdonnell and John Masten came to radio in nineteen fifty two and lasted Lisa all the way to nine thousand nine hundred sixty one and these were stories in and around dodge City Kansas in the mid to late eighteen hundreds and marshal. Matt Dillon war the bad. And he he took care of the bad guys and died city William Conrad starred as US marshal, Matt Dillon and parley Baer who later was the Keebler elf. He was the main Keebler elf. Remember, those commercials Horry, and he was also the mayor on the Andy Griffith show. He played deputy Chester proud foot Howard McNair who was the barber on the Griffith's show. Played doc Adams, Georgia Alice was kitty, Russell. And then it made a TRAN transition to television in nineteen fifty five with a completely new cast James our nest start as Dylan, and that television show was ranked number one from nineteen fifty seven all the way to one thousand nine hundred sixty one it was the most watched show number one program on TV. Well, you're going to hear why. Because we have a radio episode for you now from August sixteenth nineteen fifty two it's called the lynching. This stars. William Conrad is US marshal. Matt dillon. On. Here's part one of guns smoke. Territory on west.

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