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Teddy gone now from capitol, home entertainment. Rush Limbaugh here on the cutting edge of societal evolution. Here's in spring, Texas. Welcome, sir. Great to have you with us. Thanks. It's good to be here. You know, one thing I've enjoyed about watching Trump over the last two years is making decisions based on logic and reason, I guess it's because he's businessman, but this idea of eliminating birthright citizenship makes perfect sense. To me, one are the things that I have not heard about though is another common says thing that is actually part of the Trump tax cut, and that is this idea of enterprise zones. We we have countries in Central America that could easily hire people to lot of low tech manufacturing now being done in China by companies who are having a hard time with the trade problems there those companies if they wanted to relocate and some of them apparently do could easily locate down there and have a great workforce motivated intelligent people. Even though they're lowly educated. Could certainly do that kind of work and help provide jobs. Wait. What what what what what what what are you? What are we talking about here? We're talking about. We're talking about the same thing that we have in this country for. Companies who would like to locate in inner cities or poor areas. They get a tax break for doing that that was part of the Trump tax cut, pretty smart idea. I thought why not do that a Central America? They would be maybe the United Nations could finally do something useful and subsidize companies who want to locate there and hire people to do that kind of work. What you're talking about the caravan? Stop illegal immigration. I think you would have an effect on illegal immigration. There are a lot of common sense things to do certainly the birthright citizenship thing going away with help and e-verify. But this is another thing that would certainly help providing jobs that they would be doing in this country anyway, Motech type manufacturing this being done now in China. I can certainly be done down there. I haven't heard anybody talking about that. That's why I'm kind of. I was kinda surprised that that nobody in the Trump administration has been as mentioned that because I don't think that's what this is about. Nafta was supposed to do that. And it failed royally. These people in the caravan are not looking for jobs. They're not looking for that. Maybe maybe a few of the. But this whole thing is political. This is a political movement. These people are being paid somehow. I mean somebody's paying for all of this to happen. There are plenty of places to the only place they can go is the United States. They can't stop and get asylum in Mexico or some of these other countries. I agree with you that if the rest of the world was more like the United States. Everybody would be better off if the unequal distribution of capitalism could be dealt with. And if we had a far greater distribution of capitals, it'd be fine and dandy. But the caravan I think the solution to this is enterprise zones. In El Salvador, or Guatemala. Maybe long-term economic relief for any nation. Having problem is greater dose of capitalism. But there isn't the political climate for that in many of these countries, they're they're dictatorships of one degree or another and. This is an immediate problem. That's going to have to be dealt because if it's not they're just going to keep coming. And it's. We're not gonna stop these caravans if we start implementing a tax free enterprise zones down in these nations where American companies can relocate and hire them there instead of hiring them here because that's people aren't capable being hired anywhere yet. But I understand if you wanna talk political theory and economic theory, it makes all since in the world. In otherwise, you know, quote, unquote, normal circumstances, but this is a pure political movement. Here this caravan. I know is a George Soros. I think George Soros has name has become a a bogeyman for everything people mean far left wing radicals. When they mentioned, George Soros. I don't know who's behind him to somebody is and their purpose is to destabilize the United States. The purpose is not to improve life for these people. This caravan whoever's behind this is not really trying to do something for these people to make their lives better. This is being done to invoke damage on the United States, particularly Trump and to advance the political advantages and notions of particular political party. Which wants to welcome. These people in as dependent voters jam in Madison Virginia great to have you with us. You're next on the EIB network. Hi. Yes. Rush two years ago. My husband, and I adopted four Hispanics sisters who were imposter care, and we have had them for a couple of years, and then they can put that their parents were both legal from Mexico. They have slipped over the border at least four times illegally one time after they each time. They had children here they had to and then they took them back to Mexico. Let them with the grandparents came back had two more went back and got him long story short is that even they I have, you know, they were came to us thanking Trump was horrible. And that what he would send them all back home. And and you know, now, they love Trump, and they think this has gotta stop even see because her father is in prison for twenty eight years. Another fled to Mexico. These people do come here awful crimes against their own children. And you know, I just think. Anything Trump can do to stop that. He's got to stop it because they they come over here. And they have these babies and I have another situation. I can tell you that where I know our country has heart where they had a fifteen year old girl at the border seven months pregnant by MS thirteen they let her across. They sent the other sixteen teams with her back. So they can't say we don't have heart. They do see a situation, they know. But you know, even Hispanic girls that. Trump was horrible that he was so send all these people that they realize now that he is doing what's best for the country. Well, we'll take them whenever they realize. It is is is is fine with me. Of course. It's it's. Once you understand what's going on. It's impossible to support. It's it's just it's impossible support on less. You have particular political notions of what the United States purpose in the world is and what we all. And so forth. But in in terms of being the best policy for the United States. It isn't. Anyway, I appreciate jammed. Thanks much. We'll take a break and.

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