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Watching this Aston Villa match as I did, and seeing it unfold the way that it was. I felt the very same way because ultimately as good as Chelsea were playing in that first half before they ultimately conceded, which was not at all a surprise, they were playing with Livia Giroud William. And Reuben Loftus Cheek, a thirty two year, old striker, a WHO is gone months without plan at this club, a thirty one year, old winger, who's been great four, Chelsea, during his time there but. But he's around the end of his rump, certainly on a downward trajectory when you talk about Williams career and Reuben, loftus cheek hasn't played in over a year, a competitive match for Chelsea's first team. He's aren't great options, right? These aren't like title contending options, and that's not an insult to any of those players. It's just a reality of their ages and their fitness levels. You make it. And verner. Man. Man, that can make all the difference in the world? You saw the difference that Christian Pulisic Mate I mean. This is obvious. You're just looking for those moments, and that's what having top quality players provides. That's why Ryan Sterling and David. Silva do it for city, most Mosala and Saudi-omani Roberto from you know, do it for Liverpool like you have to have those players in attacking areas it's. Maybe your team plan is not going well, but you have an individual that can carry you and I think team. Verner is right now. The favourite of attacking players at Chelsea to do that the other thing to me you mentioned pending a medical right, and that's obviously one of the things that's it. The phrase before that in the statement that was on the Chelsea website was interesting to me. He will link up with his new team-mates. In July because there is a thought they because rebel are in the champions, League quarter-finals that he would stick with them all the way through that he's going to join early, and he's going to have six weeks with Chelsea to bed in during a preseason towards next year, and really get ready and be ready to go from day one so I think that's another important. Important part, yes, I understand as as a player as a competitor. It must be hard for him to not play in a Champions League quarter-final on a club that you came up with, but he clearly is valuing this. Chelsea experienced such a degree that he's foregoing that to join them early. You know what I found out recently about Red Bull Leipzig that their name is not red. Bull, Leipzig Yeah. We're GONNA. Have to explain this to the audience because I was like the RB obviously sands for red bull doesn't. It stands for now Rosin. Ball sport which is like grass sport. I thought you'd go boondocks like full Bundesliga. Pronounce it. That's rationale spot. Okay, there, you go! Get a let you dunk on me in this one, but their rb. Leipzig because they just want everyone to assume the obvious. I mean look at that right. So basically what happens it so in Germany? You cannot name a team after a company like there are rules that prohibit that, so they basically came up with what is the sport, or what does the word in German that refers to football that when condense could become our be right, and they'll put rebel on the front of the Jersey. They'll put red ball over the stadium. Everyone knows that it's like I. Call Them rebel, too. Because that's what they are really. Really like they can call themselves rice about sport, or whatever, but we all know that they're red bull. Leipzig the Rosenbaum Sport on the books Chris..

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