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Mr. McConnell. Could you put Henry on? Henry Henry. I didn't I didn't ask you what part? What part of Cleveland? You live in Henry. East side. So both you guys are insiders. Jake Square, Right. You know, I used to have a girlfriend right off Shaker Square. My car. I had a 1971 AMC Hornet. You know, the kind where you could open the open the trunk from the front. And I had my battery stolen twice. Somebody opened it up and the first time that they took the battery took the screws off, and he didn't cut the cord. Second time they cut the cord. From that point on, I began to take the battery inside her house every night when I park the car there. I have been listening to you for long. I know why that happened. Yeah, guys, Not that I stayed the night. I'm just saying I when I went there, and I would stay for dinner, and I would you know, not that I stay the night, guys. Thank you very much. Very well done. Colleague. And you will be getting a copy of a lot like me. So stick around for that. Triple 8971 s A is a number. Joe Biden was asked about a female running, mate. We're going to have that for you. I have a female running mate, and he goes well, I've got some I've got some women and binders and and we've got all sorts of women and we're looking at the women and we're tryingto that is just being finished. I'm having to our vending report with the lawyers and women and women. A man of color is the.

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