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Seven seven ten. Espn plus john the caller who got under my skin last hour. And i want to go back and figure out who it is. So i can retaliate. Okay that's coming up. Mason ireland sabatini. Espn talk lakers lose last night. That's the end. This is the end. And i was disappointing. It was disappointing I was there for them. By the way i contrary to what shea said. I thought the crowd actually. I don't know how many people were there. John you say. Eight thousand eight hundred eighty five hundred. I thought the crowd did a really good job. The crowd never gave up they. They never quit even though they were down. I don't know forty six at halftime. Whatever that was they climb back into it and the fan was with the fans. Were with them their entire time. So we'll get to your calls here in second. I wanted to mention last hour. We got a call from somebody who Was talking about my golf game. My golf swing. Which is now out on social media and he said you look like you are too fat golf. Yeah which i already told you. Guys are good at golf. So who is it. It was ryan right right ryan. Okay so ryan you've gotten into my head dude. Because now i went back and looked at my swing and yes in fact i do look fat. There's nothing. I like worse. Nothing i hate more than looking fat. So i've really got. I've got to tighten up. I've got to have a good swing and a. I've got to be tighter john. I've got a be at one ninety by the time. We not off in on september the tenth by going out and playing this weekend. I'm going out. Plan on sunday at rancho park on the executive course. Last time i was there. I shot ninety five. So i'm hoping. I'm hoping that i can improve your way too much for this. I don't like it. Yeah well ninety five on par three to ninety five this time. God i hope not. God i hope not i so yeah. A lot of tweets. By the way a lot of people blaming coups mma morale. Let's just tweeted. I'm fat and i play amazing. I would never say chris alyssa's fat. I'm not allowed to talk about his weight. Yeah i i would say. He's he's he's healthy. Said a better way to say that again. I'm not allowed to comment big bone. What were you saying about. A lot of people on on kouzmin. Today on twitter time to move kuzina was supposed to be the third option. Coups ma must go Just a lot of banging on kuzina which you know. He's under contract at a reasonable deal right now. Thirteen million a year. I think for the next three years so he does have value. Kuzma so overrated. That's jose zepeda mean a ton of these on cruiser. So coups was in. He's he's on a cost control deal he did not play well in the postseason. This year played well. I thought during the regular season actually improved. Defensively rebounding improved. He was good for points he would. He would get us double digit points off the bench But he was a no show in the postseason. This first-round series last week. A lot of people say time to move on. He is a tradeable valuable tradable asset. I think for the lakers. I need to be a little bit. Careful don't even don't even don't even don't even okay. There's no reason if what's what's the slogan horry leave it out when in doubt leave it out ireland linen down. Leave it out magic johnson. I don't think he's talking about dennis. Schroder i don't think he's laker. I don't think they're going. Sign him back or not. But i don't think he brings the winning mentality and attitude. We need to me failed in this series. Wow that is. that is very uncharacteristic. For magic's twitter account. He normally never never tweet anything other than generic. Happy correct this. Apparently the i don't know who. Who told this to. But i i don't think dennis shooter is a laker. Yikes yeah. I don't think insurance coming back. I'd be shocked. At this point. He turned down. Eighty four million. I don't think he's going get eighty four million anywhere else after that. Oh for nine performing. Espn right now. Yeah i do is ramona in dallas. Or is that a green screen thing. I'm on Laker exit interviews. I'm on pelinka. Hang on a cane. Let me put on ramona. I i'm guessing she's at she's at a green screen it. Oh yeah that's green screen. Okay it looks like she's there doesn't it it does. That's impressive technology. Everybody yeah she's she's definitely. She's in her bedroom right now with daniel crawling around on the pool with you. Know a fancy background behind her. That's how ramona rolls these days. Yeah so ireland. You know what i say tick tick tick tick. Boom we go to the phones. or what. seven seven seven ten. espn letting people letting people comply. Let's go to. let's go to rick. Kay rick you're on seven ten. Espn hi hey guys love it. Thank you for letting me read today. I ha i have so so full of an agenda. But i'll get to these points cool first of all. I'm with mace blow. Blow it up. Get out get out. The dynamite is almost fourth of july lists. Demar the rose in the hometown guy will be the perfect fit because he can make a mid range jump shot and he's the guy. We need him bradley. Bill for probably probably not on the mark. I'm not. I'm not paying shooter. What he wants so he can move on like you said. Oh for nine. We're not doing overnight nine in the play offs also. The defense was beyond like the sparks. I love the sparks but the sparks beat up way. Better than the lakers ever did on this playoff series i i cannot believe the delays that were open for booker. And all these other guys. Lastly listen lebron if you listening. Stop shooting threes my guy. We need you to go to pose. We need you to be like koby. We need to listen. Your if.

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