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Shoes Robbie and where you guys live Kentucky Georgetown Kentucky home of the famous Chris okay yes that's where he went to college very cool in the other national championship Ali was there yes and all very cool so the Lexington area beautiful area of the country welcome to Nashville on all the way down here to do a debt free screen not yet all right I'm much of you paid off two hundred and sixty thousand dollars in eight years wow all very cool and your range of income during that time well we started our journey at one twenty five and interestingly enough our income went down over the eight years I we have had a couple of children along the way and I thought of calling to stay at home so that two years ago actually went part time and our twice a week so we ended our income last year at ninety nine thousand cool very cool what do you do for a living Robbie I'm a physical therapist at the university of Kentucky and before you were a full time mom Joe you what were you doing at an insurance underwriter okay very cool your full time with the kids actually I work part time so I went to days a week and then the rest of the time I'm home with the kids archer okay I make a joke out to show two hundred and sixty thousand eight years I'm looking at this you must pay off your house we direct more of a mortgage your whole you guys know how very very cool well here's what's interesting our team obviously New York comic th and Zac brown at one of our top production guys combed back through the archives of the Dave Ramsey and there's actually a phone call from you five years ago this month no you call a short clip from that right now Mister James home that we had we we have not tried to sell it but I did hear horror stories about people trying to sell their house and taking a walk well the market's good with the markets bad with the real estate is whole white hot on fire going up where the real estates in the tank and not doing well people taking losses on their home it doesn't change the discussion you still pay off your home because in either case you're better off when you get to baby step six and you're ready to pour on and pay off the house you know pay the thing off as fast as you can because sitting there with a paid for house in the next five or ten years is going to put you in such a place to win long term I mean it is such a wonderful place to be Hey thanks for the call Sir you called it will take you five to ten years eight years later here you staying here we are yeah five years thank it's so crazy I didn't I remember calling but I thought there's no way that they actually we thought there's no way that we have a magic weapon back home through all that stuff and found that that is absolutely cool so I mean that's just that's inspiring to me to sit here and I just take a caller lady says contribute should prepare for us from what yeah you can do it you can do it and here you stand yeah I love it yeah so tell people how old are you Sir I'm thirty four thirty five and your paid for house is what's his house worth around two to twenty five stuff like that yeah I love the school so tell people they think this is impossible how do you do that I mean it took eight years from the date and time you started five years into it you called mark three years into it you call me yeah which means you were kind of finishing up the other that probably yeah okay and so out of the two sixty how much was the house itself one sixty five okay so what's the trick to getting out of debt you did it your rock stars there's really no trick honestly we followed your program and our debt really consisted of a car loan at twenty thousand student loans at seventy five and then the rest of it was our mortgage at around the time of the call we had paid off all of the car loan and we had paid off all of the student loan and we have had our we were I was pregnant with our first daughter and was just kind of wonder even when you have children the for me anyway that the tolerance for risk goes to hell and it felt risky to still have that mortgage but it's so normal to you and so we were you know honestly we after the call I thought I still don't know if we should because we weren't sure if it was going to be our forever home of you hear that term thrown around a lot that really what it what matters is are you living there now yes do you want to have that on this no yeah life happened we had another child about two and a half years later and then about a year ago we looked at each other and we were like you know we're very close we really could do this so we act actually last summer as about this month we really does again and took on a lot of extra jobs lecture hours and here we are we actually paid off in February I'm so proud well thank you very very well done absolutely fabulous and I mean you're sitting there with a hundred thousand dollar household income not a payment a world thirty four years old you're gonna be so wealthy is gonna be on the football we're just we're just in the last house payment down out of sixty five that's five to ten million dollars and then you really are gonna be an unbelievable place and you have changed your family tree just by being intentional watching what you're doing right focusing working a plan that works and well done you guys think you'll it feels fantastic I mean obviously with me an intentional we knew this day would come but to now like we said we spent the whole summer saying yes to a lot of things we've taken kids we've done vacations amusement park out on the weekends we went to destin Florida for a week and we've done museums parks and just said yes to a lot of things and it's been enjoyable for the whole family because for so long we were just saying no it's not the budget not budget this one so but one that long you're thirty four you know you live like no one else though and so now you can live in give like no one else you can say yes to a lot of things yeah generosity you say yes to your kids you can say yes to investing and continue to build wealth and change your family tree like I was saying you know you're gonna be on that one of those in everyday millionaires before we know it sounds like you guys thank you very well but we've actually been quite not shocked that but before we had paid it paid our house off and we handed really have a lot of discretionary income to give and so over the last year actually two years and we started typing and that has really just open up the joy in my heart that I didn't know really was missing and we've been able to give to the community members strangers you know everyone them on that we come into contact with that has a need and it's just so nice to be able to meet that need it may seem big to them but it you know for us it's just such a small sacrifice to make to make such a big difference when you have a moment Yahoo put tires on a single mom's car not blink yeah you know you know that that's not even a house payment right and then you know and that's just one month no I mean you can do anything it's it's amazing the position and put your own people don't grasp that and it's worth fighting to get there it is it's worth sacrifice to get there the scratching and clawing and and all of that what was the hardest part for you well honestly a couple things for me one just the perseverance to do it eight years is a long time and having two children and you kind of get stuck in the grind so we actually would listen to a lot of debt free screens to stay motivated and another portion is when you're in that grind with two kids you're tired and you don't always feel like cooking that would have been a lot easier to go out every night but staying on budget with food in particular that was hard but it was well worth it because we've been able I am I've been able to do it like a meal plan for the month and it just helps with planning and grocery shopping and it has a ripple effect that I didn't anticipate but that for me was kind of developing that system with difficult at first yeah it's interesting that when you get this one in one of these new on stereos it opens the discipline up in the others and then and when you get generous in one of these men lost areas it opens up the generosity generosity in other areas and it's very very contagious the stuff as it works its way it works its way through your life very well done you guys actually the jet people cheering you owner saying you're crazy well if they thought we were crazy that Intel is okay about you behind your back I wanted to speak on that but now we had a lot of supporters of family friends we've had a lot of people along the way that a really and also inspired us to continue you.

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