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Lord have mercy up only large saved my show owner dialect i kept on cap on gave it all into the hands of the good lord larger i am shave my show or i'm gone and that went out outfield that he come into my life or that day and then from then on you started preaching at the little david church yeah later on a year or two started preaching and tell people laugh that a houston layoff i don't like it no more gave me the life of god nail so after you were saved and you started preaching and you would said that you were asking forgiveness for some of the sins that you felt that you committed in life did you when you were preaching did you talk about the sins that you committed yeah i told him that i'd use god's name in vain a few times i drank a little bit other things that are we done but i guess that's nature of everybody growing up and my lifetime i'm just going to tell the truth i shake ranch at people's car smoke i didn't have the money to bow and astro to pack turn on to our by it and all them thanks for rome morton rat and i didn't feel safe their shape average in so a lot of the songs that you sing hymns are about the troubles of life and the hardship that people deal with when they're alive and it's about looking forward to getting to heaven and seeing the loved ones that have gone on a head and you know you started singing the songs would you very young you're now in your mid seventies and you have a health issues do the words of the songs have a different meaning for you now yes they're more sweeter and understand it better now lacombe asian braves arias no other felton going away with a friend treasures that money can't buy and beulah laying means more to me and what to use to when i was real young if got your town saone diane another under heaven lack it that you can't when the lord blessed she that you can't put music with it i have to say that some of your singing gives me the shivers in a good way people say that to you yeah lord jail oh they come up to me oh you make her stand up omar all right good my arms well good at what it's all about well i like to end with one more song from your album called long black train and you know some of the songs you sing or hundreds of years old but this is a a new song it's a written by singer songwriter josh turner why don't we hear frank new some thank you so much for speaking with us oh you're welcome your ticket for that long call the lord in holy night and long in june frank newsom spoke with fresh air producer sambergen newsome's album of hymns is called gone away with a friend after we take a short break john powers will review a new bbc miniseries starring hugh grant this is fresh air wnyc's supporters include new york presbyterian new york's number one hospital for the past.

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