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Mayweather was smart when he fought him back in the day he was still young in his career and made him drop to more pounds of one fifty two when they fought but anyways Take his only. Blemish is that may where the loss in it is what it is. That's the greatest boxer of all time. Mayweather is demand. If you don't like it don't add me anyways. So what is can. I'll alvarez's strengths. Let's talk about that first of all demand. A stock is hell. He fluctuate from one for four to one sixty eight. It doesn't matter. His power translates in each in each class. Any flights in you know his head movement is ridiculous. Okay this man can never stay in one spot. So it's hard to get a gauge on him as far as to figure them out atlanta great. Blow me i think thought triple g got the best blow on him because he won the first fight. I don't care one thinks you got a problem come see. We're don't come. See me well before before i finished. Wait a minute. Are you sending me to dallas on the eighth of may. Am i going to be my birthday present from you. I'm not sure. If that's in the ball and bud sledge's sir because i'd like to go. I don't wanna pay for tickets. But i like throw as the only way i would go. Their in house travel first class. Only or coach doesn't matter just middle anyways. So billy joe saunders in hop over to him for a second. So billy joe. He's a slick and sneaky. southpaw fighter. Okay he knows how to get in and out in great combinations and he's a great counterpuncher. Okay he is a wbal champion. This is gonna be his third defense since having a belt and a lot of fires have duct them. People can say that it's because he was he fights for eddie hearn's and you know all these different promoters and boxing is kind of ruining everything's where the fires are fighting each other. But billy joe saunders has a good chance of being kind of kayla plant at the higher division Can elaborate was ruined to fight in his last five but he took some scrub off the street. You know kayla plant nashville man like yourself sweet hands. He's grave the combinations is in and out. The pocket moves very nice in a ring. But you'll scientists the same way and. He's a lefty. So it's gonna be kind of troubling for canal to Probably figure him out. But i'm gonna say we might have to get another person i sectional. It might be a slumber party okay. We already had mate robinson aspirin. What conor mcgregor what whore. Hey mass would all what now we might have someone else added to the list. It's might be one of those. You know jim jones wherein which drinks his urban goes asleep. Okay who knows that. They're rain to ron hubbard. Some other fake idol out there. But he's gonna go to sleep rocco by what they sing. Or what's the chant in england. London where he's from but he will be going asleep You can book it like the old school reading competition. What back when we were kids. But i'm gonna go with alvarez after all of shame peaches money on an memories on. He is betting expert slash nfl expert. I'm sitting here ready to wash his draft. I got a cold zima cracked open hoping my niners do not get the draft. I'm not gonna say 'cause. I don't wanna preach jinx myself anyways. Oh those tickets you got about two more weeks. They send me on down there. But like i said. I wanna go with canal alvarez he will be putting saunders to sleep rocco by full. I have to check my checkbook. Because you see what had happened was it. Takes three days between deposit and check again. I'm just not sure we're going to be able to get you out of dallas in time my friend we got to atlanta last week. I don't know what more you offer me. I'm trying my best over here. But i'm balling on a budget. My friends so you know how we do things here and you know how we like to ending she on the ball and buds podcast with omar's epilogue thank you thank you. Thank you d. End shane for coming in. Thank you diaw. A blessing to podcasts. Always a love ya hope you fly home safe. Great time until next time. My friends on that note. Take care of yourself and now for the ending out. Jake you've got slow ocean offense okay. Swimming relax ago. I love man semi data zima. Pack on that note. Thank you for tuning in my friends. Make sure to support the boy and as always subscribe to stay updated. Download all the new episodes until then stay safe. Jake care yourself be kind to each other and spread love the omar..

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