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Fire danger and that is bound to increase over the weekend is already hit in Boulder County tragedy and lions yesterday. Ah, fire started as a grass fire in the afternoon, and it quickly spread along courts way in lines. Ah, home ended up being destroyed. No word on the cause this morning, but experts say fire conditions are extremely dangerous right now on the Fourth of July fireworks Are a major concern. Fox 31 reporter Jim Hooley Douglas County's decision to enact stage to fire restrictions means tomorrow night's fireworks in Castle Rock had to be cancelled. Here's a good reason why you might want to think twice about setting off fireworks in your neighborhood for war veterans with PTSD. It could be very upsetting the three most common triggers related to fireworks are the sound the smell. And the site. So to you, the site might be beautiful on the sounds might be fun. But the perception through a veteran's prior traumatic experience that could be looked very differently to them. Then Kremer's with the Veterans Administration in Denver and says fireworks can cause terrifying flashbacks for veterans. Hundreds of people are expected in Aurora tonight for a rally to demand the firing of three officers connected to last year's death of Elijah McLean. The rally will be a billings and evergreen in Aurora, starting at six. At least one officer with Aurora Police is off the job after three members of the force were under investigation in connection with pictures taken where Elijah McLane was taken into custody. The department announced the resignation of Jarron Jones yesterday. He and two other officers were reportedly depicted in a photo reenacting the choke hold. Put on McLean Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, maybe getting capacity crowds today. Big Soda Lake at Bear Creek Lake Park is a big draw no matter the day of the week, but officials are expecting the park to reach its capacity tomorrow, with people enjoying one.

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